Jon Ossoff Rolls Over Ted Cruz During Senate Hearing


Conspiracy theories posed by the right about the 2020 presidential election being “stolen” in some massive scheme by Democrats, election officials, and even a vote tabulating machine company reached fever pitch on January 6, 2021, but Ted Cruz seems determined to keep the controversy going. When asked to present evidence of his claims, however, he was unable to provide any.

Cruz insists that a new bill making it easier to vote will result in undocumented immigrants casting votes, thereby “diluting” the votes of legal citizens. Of course, that has never happened, not even once in history, so a bill he’s promoting to prevent it from happening is useless.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) called on Cruz to provide any evidence that undocumented immigrants have cast votes at any rate that would affect the outcome of an election.

‘We have many states that have established automatic voter registration. Do you have any studies you want to present for the record that document extensive mistakes being made, which people who are non-citizens are registered to vote?’

Cruz insisted that the language of the bill provides for undocumented immigrants voting, although it clearly relies on protections already in place to identify eligible and non-eligible voters. Cruz could not provide any studies that prove his claims and, instead, deflected.

‘Sen. Merkley is one of the authors of the bill as I understand it. I suppose I could ask why he saw fit to repeatedly immunize state officials from registering illegal immigrants if it were not that the obvious and intended effect of this bill was to register millions of illegal immigrants?’

Jon Ossoff (D-GA) followed up on the question, asking Cruz to present any evidence, any at all, that undocumented immigrants try to vote or that his proposed legislation is in any way necessary to protect elections.

‘I’d like to offer you the opportunity in good faith, Sen. Cruz, to present any evidence for the record to this committee that in any of the states where this policy exists, if there’s any widespread registration by people who should not be eligible to vote.’

Once again, Cruz failed to do so.

See video of the exchange below: