Leaked Report Exposes Trump Failure In Pandemic Response


A recently leaked report from the State Department actually told the truth about Donald Trump’s failures that exacerbated during the pandemic. The truth has been such a rare and refreshing commodity.

On January 6, the Donald invited his followers to a Capitol rally, revved them up until there was bloodlust in their eyes, and sicced them onto the members in both houses of Congress, Democratic and Republican.

The newly released report placed the blame squarely upon Donald Trump for his poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. It read that “delayed” warnings to Americans and a “void of U.S. international leadership” were at fault.

The POLITICO magazine had the scoop. It described people within the White House, diplomats and career agency officials, who were terrifically frustrated with how Trump refused to respond to the failed coup at the Capitol Building — for hours.

The document argued that the president pulled back from international groups, which seriously undermined America. We were no longer a global leader, the one with the rapid response teams deployed to tackle the emergency.

The draft said that back in March 2020 the U.S. dealt with the Ebola disease. The report began to describe the State Department atmosphere:

‘[It] identified the void of U.S. international leadership.’

‘Instead, an over-emphasis on China’s responsibility for the pandemic led to a backwards-looking (sic) focus on assigning blame for the virus.’

‘Department research later showed was an ineffective approach to messaging, as the United States repeatedly appeared unwilling to take on greater international leadership to confront the pandemic.’

The report described how Trump decided to avoid a “frenzy” when the pandemic began by keeping the coronavirus and its implications under wrap, many times ignoring it himself:

‘[T]he decision to reassure Americans of their safety and avoid damaging the economy delayed warnings to American citizens about travel during a pandemic until well after airlines were cutting flights and borders were closing around the world.’

‘The United States’ struggle to contain the virus, strident criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other multilateral institutions, and the politicized internal debate on science and mitigation measures undermined international trust in U.S. leadership.’


Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about President Biden:

‘[F]rom his first day in office [he] has prioritized the health and safety of our global workforce, and the State Department has been at the center of the administration’s efforts to combat the virus around the world.’

He claimed the State Department had sent 200,00 vaccine doses for its people and:

‘[P]rovided significant life-saving assistance – on a multilateral and bilateral basis – to countries around the world, recognizing that as long as the virus is spreading anywhere, it poses a threat to people everywhere, including Americans here at home.’

However, Price admitted that:

‘[A]s a Department, we recognize the importance of identifying and accounting for lessons learned – and that includes from episodes that pre-date this administration. Doing so is part and parcel of our commitment to the security, health, and safety of our workforce.’

‘You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.’

Wasting precious months, Trump tossed off all concerns about the vicious virus. How many people died due to his actions?

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