House Reaches Agreement To Interrogate Former Trump Attorney


A group of millionaire old white guys has been running the Republican Party for decades. They are about as in touch with the people as a herd of feral cats. Now, one of the Republican ex-president’s attorneys may have won a battle that keeps us from watching him fess up to his part in the Russian investigation. Republicans play hardball, the Democrats play nice.

For the past two years that attorney, Robert McGahn, has fought the House Committee’s Judiciary Committee’s subpoena, according to NBC News. After years of battling, he will only testify about parts of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian probe already publically available. 

A Trump administration White House Counsel Don McGahn will answer questions in private, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The House Judiciary Committee thinks it won an apparent resolution over a longstanding dispute over his testimony. Former Attorney General William Barr fought the subpoena as he acted on behalf of Trump rather than the people, according to a court document filed Wednesday evening.

We do not know when the “private interview” will take place. However, after about a week we can see the transcript. This information came from the filing in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

At issue was the separation of the Executive Branch of our government from the Legislative Branch. Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler, D-NY called this agreement a good-faith compromise.

Nadler released a statement, according to NPR. It read in part:

‘Under the terms of the settlement, the Committee expects Mr. McGahn to appear for a transcribed interview.  In that session, Mr. McGahn will respond to questions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, allegations of obstruction of justice.’

‘and former President Trump’s attack on Mr. McGahn’s credibility.  The Committee will provide additional information about this interview as it becomes available.’

Nadler continued:

‘When the former President vowed to fight ‘all of the subpoenas’ aimed at his Administration, he began a dangerous campaign of unprecedented obstruction…The law requires that when there is a dispute in court between the legislative and executive branches.’

‘the two must work in good faith to find a compromise…we have reached an arrangement that satisfies our subpoena, protects the Committee’s constitutional duty to conduct oversight in the future, and safeguards sensitive executive branch prerogatives.’

U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said no way when it rejected Trump’s arguments in 2019. The ex’s argument? He said that his close advisers were “immune from congressional subpoena.” President Joe Biden nominated Jackson to the Washington D.C. appeals court.

After Jackson made his decision, McGahn has tied up the court system. The entire appeals court will hear the case once against next week. At that time, it will determine whether the Constitution or federal law would accept a subpoena from the Legislative Branch against someone in the Executive Branch.

Both President Biden and the House want the court to suspend that hearing. They would rather come to an agreement instead of taking their chances in the courts.

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