Trump Worshiping Insurrectionist Busted After Evidence Surfaces Online


What is it with these judges who give the insurrectionists a slap on the hand and let them return home to await trial? These people killed one police officer and wounded 140 others, some severely. They smashed windows and doors of our nation’s Capitol Building trying to find “hang (Vice President) Mike Pence” and shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Take Patrick Montgomery for example.

Just two months after his release on bond, Montgomery, 48, hunted down a 170-pound cougar assisted by four hunting hounds, according to The Washington Post. They trapped the mountain lion in a tree, then the hunter killed it with two shots from a .357 pistol. His mistake was taking a photo with the dead animal.

There is a federal ban on holding weapons during a pretrial release.

He was arrested in Colorado and charged with 10 criminal charges. They included an assault against a police officer. When police attempted to arrest the hunter in Littleton, Colorado, he reached for an officer’s baton. Then, Montgomery took the officer to the ground, kicking him in the chest. After that:

‘[He] held up his two middle fingers.’

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said he illegally harvested a bobcat in late January. He should have known better given that he was a professional hunter and guide. The officer in that Colorado’s agency in charge of monitoring hunting had just learned that Montgomery had a New Mexico conviction.

Federal prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his release and place him on house arrest:

“Given that Montgomery has repeatedly and flagrantly violated both state and federal law while on pretrial release in this case — including by possessing and using a firearm — the Government respectfully requests that the Court revoke his release pending trial.’

Montgomery responded “according to a criminal complaint:”

‘I’m not a scared cat or running from anything. I didn’t storm the castle violently. My group was let in peacefully by the police we were talking to with respect.’

Montgomery told a Colorado official that he had been hunting in the state for years without a problem, according to the court filing:

‘[I] did not understand why this was popping up now.’

The motion to revoke his pretrial release read:

‘[T]he hunter pursued the bobcat on Jan. 25 for more than 11 miles with his dogs, violating local laws. Then, he knocked the cat out of a tree with a slingshot and allowed his dogs to maul it. In Colorado, it is illegal to use a slingshot or dogs to kill a “furbearer,” which is any animal hunted for its coat, including bobcats. A Colorado wildlife officer cited Montgomery for illegally harvesting the cat.’

People tipped off the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about Montgomery, and they matched him to photos on Facebook. Those allegedly placed him inside of the Capitol on that fateful day.

He was also convicted of three counts of robbery in New Mexico over two decades ago. Montgomery told the wildlife officer:

‘[I was in colleged] doing stupid stuff [and] knocking stores over to get travel money.’

The hunter will go to court Monday to determine whether he will have house arrest. A court date has not been set.

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