Republicans Lose Yet Another Legal Challenge To 2020 Election


Despite Trump’s endless claims of election fraud, which are really nothing more than the whining of a spoiled child who can’t admit that he lost the game he was playing, have been summarily dismissed, thrown out of court, ridiculed by judges, and judged ridiculous for lack of evidence. On Wednesday, one of the final legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election met the same fate.

Antrim County in Michigan, a state Trump won in 2016 but lost in 2020, was the site of the claims by a rural voter that the election had been stolen from Trump and that he had a right to a recount despite official recounts having shown no significant discrepancies that would have affected the election.

According to The Washington Post:

‘Michigan Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer dismissed a case brought by a voter in rural Antrim County who had argued that “material fraud or error” had taken place in the election and that he was entitled to a new audit of the results under state law.’

The judge in Antrim County determined that the rights of the filer of the lawsuit to a recount had already been met previously and was, therefore, a moot case. Like other states that went from red to blue in 2020, Trump has been convinced that Michigan was the site of massive fraud. He hasn’t pointed to a single instance of fraud, however, in any state where he won.

‘The case was one of the last challenges to the November election results still pending in the nation’s courts. Its dismissal comes as Trump and his supporters have been pushing to conduct audits around the country in hopes of uncovering issues they say willsupport Trump’s baseless claims that he defeated President Biden.’

Despite Trump’s numerous losses in court, he has persisted with the Big Lie, a lie that a full two-thirds of Republican voters believe. Despite the legal justice system, a number of Republican officials, election officials, and multiple recounts that confirm Biden’s victory, Trump will continue his lie in upcoming rallies sure to sow even more discontent among his followers.

‘Trump issued a statement last week referring to the case as “the major Michigan Election Fraud case” and highlighting a new filing from the plaintiffs that argued votes had been switched from Trump to Biden. “The number of votes is MASSIVE and determinative. This will prove true in numerous other States,” Trump said.

‘But Elsenheimer ruled that a statewide post-election audit conducted by Michigan’s secretary of state’s office that concluded in March — which found the election had been conducted fairly and accurately — was sufficient to satisfy a state law that allows voters to request audits.’