Immediate Sanctions On Rudy Giuliani Over ‘The Big Lie’ Demanded By PA Attorney General


After numerous frivolous lawsuits, including one that made it all the way to the Supreme Court, former President Donald Trump’s band of legal misfits are facing the consequences of spreading “The Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump in some wide rangin, coordinated effort to dethrone him.

Former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is one such lawyer. He stood beside even more conspiracy-minded lawyers like Sydney Powell and pushed those same lies. At the January 6 speech that incited an insurrection at the Capitol Building, Giuliani was heard yelling for “trial by combat,” a reference to Game of Thrones where a fight between two people ends only when one or the other opponent dies. There are rules, however, for decorum and public behavior for those in the law profession, and the state of Pennsylvania are calling for those rules to be enforced.

‘Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and other state leaders are calling for lawyers who led post-election lawsuits trying to overturn the election results to be sanctioned—including attorney Rudy Giuliani—becoming the latest battleground state to go after GOP lawyers and plaintiffs who unsuccessfully challenged the vote count.’

Currently, Giuliani is licensed to practice law in the state of New York, although the committee that oversees New York lawyers is at this time officially investigating Trump’s TV lawyer.

‘Shapiro and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf sent a letter to the Attorney Grievance Committee at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, where Giuliani is licensed to practice law, as part of the committee’s investigation into Giuliani, which says the attorney should be “appropriately disciplined” for his “reckless conduct” after the election.’

The sanctions would address the massive harm that people like Giuliani have inflicted on our country by shaking voters’ confidence in the democratic process. A full two-thirds of Republicans believe that President Joe Biden did not win legitimately, and these sentiments, which led to the insurrection on January 6, are not likely be overcome anytime soon.

‘Giuliani’s actions “caused significant harm” even if they didn’t successfully change the election results, the Pennsylvania officials argue, as the lawyer strained Pennsylvania’s resources by forcing them to pay legal fees, provoked death threats on election workers and “imbued those lies with legitimacy” that sowed doubt in the election results and “culminated in the tragic events of January 6.”’