Trump Obsessed Maniac Arrested After Insurrection Video Surfaces


On January 6, 2021, the world watched as a group of a couple of hundred of Americans, fueled by conspiracy theories spread by then-President Donald Trump, attacked Capitol Police officers and stormed the nation’s Capitol Building in an attempt to thwart the democratic process.

Now, another of the perpetrators of that crime is sitting in jail. Daniel Lyons Scott, who was seen on video assaulting officers are yelling “let’s take the f—ing Capitol!” prior to the insurrection was arrested in Tampa, Florida. He’ll face numerous charges for his crimes.

‘Charging papers identified Daniel Lyons Scott, 28, of Bradenton, Fla., as the Proud Boys member nicknamed “Milkshake,” who after allegedly yelling about taking the Capitol was admonished, “Let’s not f—ing yell that, okay?” by a Proud Boys leader on a video live-streamed by the group that day.’

Scott was not only part of the insurrection, he helped to initialize it. Dressed in outrageous clothing sure to get him noticed, and not wearing a mask in the one time of his life that he could have covered his face and no one would have questioned why, Scott has not left himself much of a defense.

‘In an April 29 charging affidavit unsealed Thursday, the FBI said Scott, wearing a blue “GOD, Guns & Trump” cap, yellow-tinted goggles and olive-green jacket was “among the first” members of a mob to initiate contact with police at a lower West Terrace stairwell. Four minutes later, according to charging papers, rioters charged up and broke through a window on the next level about 2:13 p.m., eventually raiding the Senate chamber and forcing police to defend the House chamber with guns drawn.’

While four other members of the Proud Boys who are seen on video with Scott have already been arrested, charges of conspiracy have not yet been filed. However, none of those who assaulted officers should or will escape the consequences lightly.

‘Scott has not been charged with conspiracy but is accused of being among the initial members of the mob that engaged with police on the lower West Terrace of the Capitol. He faces charges of assault on a federal officer, engaging in physical violence on Capitol grounds and other counts.’

Featured image screenshot via Twitter