Trump Flubs Golf Shot On Camera And The Internet Is Laughing


Now that he’s out of office, former President Donald Trump is occupying himself in much the same way that he did while president… golfing. He has spent awhile staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida following his presidency, and that resort is in the vicinity of a golf course that he owns. He’s since headed up to New Jersey, where he owns another golf course, and over the weekend, TMZ shared footage of the ex-commander-in-chief hitting a golf ball right into a body of water on the Jersey premises.

As TMZ put it on Sunday discussing Trump’s latest stop at his New Jersey golf course:

‘TMZ obtained video of the moment Trump teed off for the fairway shot … and it’s pretty fascinating to see. Watch for yourself — Trump takes a few half-practice swings, with some kind of weird wobbling of the club, and then finally steps up and gives it a good whack. Well, actually, it wasn’t that good of a hit in the end … because, as you can see in the clip, the ball didn’t clear the lake. Instead, it dropped right in there … got eaten up by the water.’

Check out footage below of Trump at his golf course in New Jersey (if there’s an issue with displaying the video, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment):

Besides going out on one of his own golf courses, Trump has also occupied himself since exiting the presidency with ranting on a blog housed on his website. The blog isn’t doing great — in a recent week, the recipe site known as Delish got more apparent visitors than Trump’s entire personal website, including the blog, and his blog posts are barely getting shared on social media at all. In that same recent week, blog posts from the former president were shared to Facebook an average of under 2,000 times a day.

There’s been talk from the former president’s orbit of Trump starting his own social media platform, but it’s unclear what form that planned social media site might take.