Letitia James Sends Trump Into Frenzy Over Accelerating Criminal Probe


Don Bongino is the new Rush Limbaugh. And Donald Trump is, well, the old Donald Trump. The host’s talk radio show kicked off with an open mic for the ex-president’s rants regarding investigations into crimes he “allegedly” committed and polls that have dropped like a rock. For a moment there, it was hard to tell the difference between 45 and Marlon Brando as he went on about the family business. Alas, it was just the president who will never go away.

A natural victim, Trump whined and moaned about the New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James. If he understood the power of this misleadingly low-key, soft-voiced dynamo, he would be afraid. Very afraid. But people underestimate her to their disadvantage, so this should be an interesting event.

Bongino used to be in law enforcement, and he sounded as if he knew some of the police lingo, such as “investigate” and “crimes:”

‘You know when I was in law enforcement, Mr. President, we investigated crimes in search for the people, we didn’t investigate people and go hunt for the crimes. Any comment on what this disaster up in New York pretending to be attorney general is up to now?’

The radio host set up Trump for his first rant, but more than likely, not his first rant of the day. The ex-president was off on his “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” bellyache…Wait, make that “Russia, Russia, Russia crybaby attack:”

‘Well, it’s a continuation of the biggest, greatest witch hunt in the history of our country, and they didn’t get me in Washington.’

‘They tried Mueller, they Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine impeachment one, impeachment two and they sent the papers back down to New York, “hey, do the best you can.” It’s honestly, it’s a disgrace, and they hurt so many people and it’s very costly and they hurt people so badly, and it’s pure politics.’

It was rather entertaining to listen to the ex project his flaws onto others. “They’ll do anything they can,” and “We beat [Vice President] Kamala [Harris] by a lot.” Oh, and we are on a first-name basis, are we, Don? Okay, continue:

‘We have Democrat prosecutors, radical liberal Democrat prosecutors and they’ll do anything they can. You saw the polls. In fact, I noticed your notes here, we talked about topics about, you know, polls that just came out that we beat [vice president] Kamala [Harris] by a lot. They’re very good polls.’

Then, Don grumbled about the Republicans being “too weak” and “much tougher.” Funny, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appears to be far more cold-blooded than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), but that was to be expected. McConnell is the turtle, and. Schumer is the Fozzy Bear.

Don wanted his special investigator appointed by one of his previously hired and fired AG’s, William Barr, to release a report by special investigator John Durham. It was about Obama intelligence officers’ alleged abuses during the Moscow probe:

‘They play a much tougher game than the Republicans. Republicans don’t play that way. They play as simply a game they play, and, frankly, a lot of people are not happy about it. Like, I’ll give you an example — where is Durham? Where is Durham? Where is his report? Why didn’t that come out months and months ago? Where’s Durham?’

Trump ranted onward and downward “It’s a terrible thing.” He was right about that — just not about what:

‘There’s 38 people that should be talked about, and they don’t play the same game. It’s a terrible thing. So we have the witch-hunt continues. It continues and probably always will, and it’s disgraceful. I think it should be illegal. It’s prosecutorial misconduct. That’s what it is, and it’s a shame.’

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