Biden Defiantly Removes Multiple Trump Administration Appointees


Donald Trump sent in his most ravenous termite team in to eat their way through America’s favorite institutions. One of his biggest but not brightest is Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General. With the least fitting name in the world, DeJoy went about killed our beloved postal service. He tore out million-dollar-plus irreplaceable rapid sorters and left them in pieces outside to rust. Never mind that he has a business competing with the USPS. Then, there was this.

The Secret Service gave Trump the code name of “Mongrel.” Oh wait, make that “Mogul,” and the then-prez gave a member of his protective detail a job inside of the White House as an event planner, handling rallies. Then, The Washington Post investigative journalist Carol Loennig’s new book Zero Fail The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service told about these dedicated people, according to The Goodread’s site.

But Trump corrupted a number of them, she wrote. Others spoke to her on the condition of losing their jobs, because they so feared an inevitable tragedy. A group of them became so loyal to Trump, they wore MAGA hats and red ties.

Leonnig told MSNBC’s top-rated host of the Rachel Maddow Show:

‘President Trump liked him so much and recognized him as such a political loyalist, he moved him into a political job in the White House. Carol Leonnig in Zero Fail reports after the Secret Service especially detailed him to the White House to become a political Trump staffer organizing political Trump rallies.’

‘then afterwards they moved him back into the Secret Service where he is assistant director. He is assistant director of the agency that is now tasked with keeping President Biden and Vice President Harris alive.’

Biden shook up his security detail when he took office, replacing many with those whom he trusted and had guarded him and First Lady Jill Biden under President Barack Obama. Now, he just kicked four more of Trump’s appointees to the curb. He sent them a goodbye letter in which he ordered them, CNN reported:

‘Should we not receive your resignation, your position with the Commission will be terminated effective 6:00 pm tonight.’

President Biden appointed four new members to the Commission on Fine Arts to oversees the design of federal buildings in D.C., the White House reported. These are:

  • ‘Peter Cook, Principal, HGA Architects
  • Hazel Ruth Edwards, Professor and Chair, Howard University Department of Architecture in the College of Engineering and Architecture
  • Justin Garrett Moore, Inaugural Program Officer, Humanities in Place, Andrew Mellon Foundation
  • Billie Tsien, Partner, Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects.’

Less than a month before America asked Trump to leave, he seeded the U.S. government with new appointees, according to the Trump White House. Three of the four appointed to the Commission on Fine Arts were appointed after January 6:

‘Four members to the [C]ommission [on Fine Arts] on December 22, 2020, less than a month before leaving office and weeks before the deadly Capitol insurrection. Three of them — Chas Fagan, Perry Guillot, and Steven Spandle.’

Shubow refused to resign saying this was:

‘[Waging] an attack on classical and traditional architecture.’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a more reasonable explanation:

‘I, unfortunately, don’t have all the details on this,” but added “The little piece I recall is that a number of them were nominated just recently in January of 2021, so before President Trump left office. And certainly, any President coming in has the right to nominate their own people to serve on a commission or serve in any positions in their own administration.’

Tuesday these Trump appointees were fired, “Rodney Mims Cook, Jr., James C. McCrery, II, and Duncan G. Stroik.”

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