Insurrectionist Ordered To Jail By Judge Amy Berman Jackson


Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the continued pretrial detention of Karl Dresch, a Michigan resident who is facing federal felony charges over his participation in the January riot at the Capitol. Dresch has been behind bars since late January, and at this point, it’s unclear when exactly that his trial might take place — but for now, he’s remaining in custody. The felony counts that Dresch is facing include “tampering with a witness and obstruction of an official proceeding,” “violent entry or disorderly conduct in a restricted residence,” and more, according to a report from MLive, a Michigan outlet.

Jackson cited an array of factors underpinning her decision for Dresch to remain in jail until his trial, including his past criminal history — which includes a high speed chase that unfolded in 2013 — and his possession of weapons even after past felony convictions on his part. Besides other weaponry that was found at his residence, investigators also found a backpack full of ammunition, and Dresch was caught on camera with what may have been the very same backpack on January 6, the day of the riot.

Meanwhile, Jackson also cited Dresch’s “offer to return to Washington to engage in a similar effort to disrupt democratic processes again” when explaining her decision to order Dresch to remain in custody. In other words — he could participate in another event similar to the January Capitol riot, should something along those lines unfold.

As the judge put it, discussing Dresch’s case:

‘Given defendant’s offer to return to Washington to engage in a similar effort to disrupt democratic processes again, his warning that authorities here cannot reach him at home, the utter contempt he showed for law enforcement and the safety of the community during the high speed chase, the threatening remarks directed at an individual who was reporting participants in the attack to the FBI, defendant’s other convictions for obstructive conduct, and his knowing possession of multiple weapons and a considerable supply of ammunition after two felony convictions, the Court has clear and convincing reasons to believe that defendant poses a danger to the community that cannot be alleviated by the imposition of any conditions.’

Jackson noted that former President Trump has continued to “propagate the lie that inspired the attack,” in that he has kept up the false claim that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden. Originally, the Capitol rioters stormed the premises on the basis of Trump’s lie about the integrity of the election. They attempted to forcibly stop the Congressional certification of Biden’s victory.