Liz Cheney Goes After Michael Flynn For Being A Traitor


The Republican Party as most Americans remember it is dead. QAnon conspiracy theorists follow Trump’s people around like a flock of flies. The United States has one democratic party and one quasi-fascist party according to a Swedish University world politics analysis report. Oh, but it gets worse. It compared the GOP to the authoritarian governments of Turkey and Hungary. Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) is taking the Joan of Arc approach to reinstating the party as she knew it. But can she lead if there is only a handful in her army?

The man who will do anything to become Speaker of the House, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), made a big mistake when he kicked Liz Cheney out of the Republican leadership. We assumed at one of Donald Trump’s never-denied requests. Now, Representative Cheney has a far greater megaphone than she ever did before he did. She has her sights on the fleeting National Security Advisor (NSA) and big Trump cheerleader, Mike Flynn.

Flynn spoke at a Dallas conference he dubbed For God & Country Patriot Roundup last weekend. This naturally included a number of QAnons.

It appeared that the NSA dropout compared the January 6 coup to the Myanmar (Burma) coup. Suu Kyi’s NLD party won by a landslide. But the military commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing did not like the results. Sound familiar? The military seized control in February after the legitimate general election.

After the coup, Myanmar security forces killed nearly 1,000 protesters, journalists, and people just in their homes. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters were placed in jail, according to the Association for Political Prisoners.

Flynn told his For God & Country Patriot Roundup audience that the January 6 failed coup was like that in Myanmar. A person in the audience had a question for Flynn:

‘I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?’

The audience wildly cheered this individual Flynn let them settle back down before he responded in his deceptively soft voice:

‘No reason. I mean, it should happen here.’



A video captured Flynn speaking about another coup, this against President Joe Biden’s government:

‘Here is the video of former national security advisor Michael Flynn saying that he thinks a coup like the coup in Myanmar should happen in the US.’

After Flynn’s coup comment, Representative Cheney was hot on his case:

‘No American should advocate or support the violent overthrow of the United States.’

Screen-Shot-2021-06-01-at-8.42.05-AM Liz Cheney Goes After Michael Flynn For Being A Traitor Featured Military National Security Politics Top Stories

Cheney added:

‘I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.’

The former NSA lied to the FBI about communicating with Russia. After he was caught and pled guilty but shortly before his sentencing, he asked the court to change his guilty plea to not guilty. In the end, the ex-president gave his friend Flynn a full pardon.

President Barack Obama had let Flynn go for his erratic actions. After Trump pardoned him, Flynn said our military could “rerun” the 2020 presidential election. Then, he began spreading the Big Lie, that Trump was actually the real president, CNN reported.

McCarthy installed a turned-Trump-cheerleader, Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in Cheney’s place. Immediately after she was demoted, Cheney spoke to reporters saying she was on a mission to bar Trump from returning to the White House.

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