Former Trump Lawyer Testifies Under Oath In Blow To GOP


All we had to do was have a law degree, an IQ of 155, and a pair of deep waders to understand The Mueller Report, prepared by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Still, if we had, we could have read about Donald Trump’s crime involving the former White House Counsel, Don McGahn, and what the ex-president asked him to do.

Friday, he testified before the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors. Both Democrats and Republicans on the Judiciary Committee will interview him in “alternating rounds.” There are always immediate leaks, and the public will receive the transcript of that testimony next week. We only had to wait to hear from McGahn to testify under oath for two years. So, what was so important about the Trump White House attorney?

Well, it appeared that the then-sitting president told McGahn to fire Robert Mueller to put an end to this important investigation. Now, why would the ex-president want to quash it if he was innocent? The answer is that he would not.

Andrew Weissman, lead Muller investigator, explained on the Live with Stephanie Ruhle morning MSNBC show why this was important. He said that hearing it in person under oath filled out the credibility of Trump’s corrupt intent.  In addition, we would hear how the ex ordered McGahn to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which was obstruction of justice aka interfering with a federal investigation. McGahn turned Trump down.

McGahn worked as the top lawyer on 45’s 2016 campaign. Then, he was White House counsel until he left in the fall of 2018, according to CNN:

‘He was one of the most significant witnesses against Trump — sitting for interviews with the FBI and prosecutors five times in Mueller’s investigation as Mueller sought to chronicle the multiple instances of Trump’s obstructive acts.’

The Mueller report noted that McGahn said:

‘[I was] deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday Night Massacre.’

The attorney was, of course, talking about the worst point for President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal. But that was not all. Trump told the counselor to prepare a memo stating that the president definitely had not tried to fire the special counsel. Once again, McGahn refused.

This attorney was in a unique situation. He knew the inner workings of the Justice Department, the White House, and even Trump’s interactions with Michael Flynn during his short-lived career as national security adviser. The president’s adviser had been:

‘[T]hen-national security adviser Michael Flynn negotiating with Russia before Trump took office and lying to the vice president and the FBI, Mueller wrote.’

When he was subpoenaed by the Justice Committee after the Mueller report was released, McGahn ignored it. Trump went to court over the deal. After President Joe Biden came into office, the new Justice Department stepped aside from former Attorney General William Barr’s decree. Instead, AG Merrick Garland allowed it.

The previous administration argued:

‘[McGahn was] immune from congressional testimony because of his high-ranking position in the White House. William Burck, a private attorney for McGahn, will represent him in the interview Friday.’

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