Trump Scammed Elderly & Poor Supporters For Their Utility/Food Money


One of the sweetest, smartest 93-year-olds we know, an inventor, has lived through technology starting with Model T cars. Technology rapidly changed his life, moving all the way to cell phones with more computing power than the bulky first personal computers.  Yet the Veterans’ Administration’s lengthy phone query stumps him. Even if it did not, his hands are not steady enough any longer to master the number pad requests.

He is a Donald Trump supporter and actually wrote to him early on, naively expecting a response that never came, just a request for money. Although our older gentleman is on a fixed income, he donated to the man that he believed would be a better candidate than our sitting President Joe Biden. That is when the thundering waterfall of requests for donations starting flooding the nation. And his mailbox.

Trump has been caught flinging out opt-in boxes, already checked, to automatically take the same amount of money every month. It seemed the twice impeached and a once sore loser is gearing up for another run. And “surprise!” there is a big asked from his two sons.

A text, which appeared to be personally written by Trump’s elder sons Eric and Don Jr. read. according to The Business Insider:

‘Eric & Don Jr: It’s so important that we’re BOTH texting you. It’s almost our father’s birthday. You have 1HR to sign the card. Act NOW.’

Trump’s people go on, trying to gin up enthusiasm for a failed president who spends his days on one of his golf courses.  The Independent’s evidence discovered:

‘Save America sent at least one text message to supporters every day in May, urging them to donate money. Ahead of fundraising deadlines, some texts were sent just hours apart, the publication found.’

The ex-president created Save America, which is his political action committee (PAC) donors to “surprise” the former president with extra money on his birthday. The ask was almost half his Social Security check:

‘When supporters donate via Save America’s site, the website automatically ticks a box saying they would like to donate the same amount on Trump’s birthday, which is June 14.’

For example, if a supporter donated $250 on June 14, the website automatically opts them into donating an additional $250 every month. How interesting that he has a birthday every month of the year.  Would our inventor catch that checked box and unblock it? Of course not. He does not have and never had a computer. Twenty-five dollars would be nothing to Trump except when he checks how high the total was:

‘President Trump’s birthday is coming up on June 14th and we want to surprise him with a record breaking (sic) fundraising day!” the box reads. “Will you help us?”‘

The ex-POTUS has begun his rallies and is coy about whether he will run in 2024. There are few restrictions if any, on how he could spend the inventor’s reoccurring donations. He is hardly chastised for his work behind “enemy” lines.

 The Business Insider reported:

‘By pushing donations through his PAC, Trump is trying to siphon donations away from the Republican National Committee and into his own fund. Neither the Save America PAC nor MAGAPac is directly affiliated with the Republican Party.’

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