Senator Warnock Rallies America To Defeat GOP Voter Suppression


Each person’s vote is woven together to create the beautiful red, white, and blue of our democracy. People know that this is our right. But do they realize it is our duty to serve our nation in this way? In Australia, people are required to vote. Here we have the freedom to skip voting, but voting is power. Fewer than 12,000 votes gave President Joe Biden Alabama in 2020 and brought the United States back. to normalcy. But unless we take action at this crucial point, we can lose our democracy.

Let’s say that someone such as Stacey Abrams, the Queen of Votes, announced a race among our youngest voters to first get out the vote, then vote in the 2022 election. Extra points for special elections. Those who would be 18 for the 2022 elections, but 17 now could race against the 18 to 19-year-olds, and so on to include each year to include the 20 to 21-year-olds. It would be great fun. And how many votes would that be?

Abrams is on a get-out-the-vote tour all the way through June, but we need something much stronger. We need to challenge our young people to be their most patriotic selves. Think of it as similar to deciding to join the military. This is just joining our democracy. Both are a matter of national security.

This may be the most crucial election in centuries. The Republican Party leaders have seceded from our democracy to become the Trump Party, an authoritarian party that would mean a dictatorship, which in the following years, would simply become a sham election.

Reverand and one of the newest senators, Raphael Warnock tweeted that “Voting rights are the very foundation of our democracy:”

‘Voting rights are the very foundation of our democracy.   But when the foundation is crumbling beneath you, it is necessary to take action. Congress must come together now & pass federal voting rights legislation.   This is not about left v. right, it’s about right v. wrong.’

Screen-Shot-2021-06-13-at-2.57.49-PM Senator Warnock Rallies America To Defeat GOP Voter Suppression Black Lives Matter Featured National Security Politics Top Stories It is true that our foundation is in disrepair, but that could simply be a present state. And as Americans understand, even one small act can change the world.

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