Biden Promises The World That Trump’s America Will Not Return


Our foreign friends in NATO were “shocked” over the damage Donald Trump wrought in the four years he was in office, trying to drag America over the edge of autocracy.  Even worse, the insurrection on January 6 touched our world partners in ways not so different from our own experience.

During a NATO press conference, a reporter asked the president about how he reassured America’s allies. How did he prove that we are a “reliable and stable partner?” They worry about Trump’s stranglehold on America’s throat. We must make certain that the aberration he was never returned.

President Biden has emphasized how important NATO continues to be to our countries, with democracies being tested throughout the world. He told the Group of Seven (G-7) and NATO how critical this time has been.

President Biden said:

‘The leaders I’m dealing with in NATO and the G-7 are leaders who know our recent history, know generically the character of the American people and know where the vast center of the public stands. We’re a decent, honorable nation. And I think that they have seen things happen, as we have, that shocked them and surprised them that could have happened. But I think they, like I do, the American people are not going to sustain that kind of behavior.’

‘The Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers. The leadership of the Republican Party is fractured. And the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party. But it makes up a significant minority of the American people.’

The newest president continued on commenting about what has become of the Republican Party under Trump’s shaky hand. Still, he urged us to look to restoring and revitalizing America’s economy.

The president noted how the majority of the Senate Republicans rebuffed an investigation into the January 6 election. During the attempted coup the offending mob leaned against the Capitol Police, then mowed them down causing grievous injuries.

Biden noted that the vast majority of Senate Republicans refused a January 6 riot investigation. That fateful day, an undulating pro-Trump mob overwhelmed law enforcement and sent lawmakers scrambling for safety. This was a Trump attempt to halt the Electoral College votes that would have confirmed President Biden’s win:

‘I think it is a shock and surprise that what’s happened in terms of the consequence of President Trump’s phony populism has happened. And it is disappointing that so many of my Republican colleagues in the Senate, who I know know better, have been reluctant to take on, for example, an investigation because they’re worried about being primaries.’

‘But at the end of the day, we’ve been through periods like this in American history before where there has been this reluctance to take a chance on your reelection because of the nature of your party’s politics at the moment. I think this is a passing. I don’t mean easily passing. That’s why it’s so important that I succeed in my agenda.’

In a clarion call, President Biden repeated the words we have longed to hear for decades. He said:

‘America is back at the table. [And NATO’s mutual defense is a “sacred obligation.”‘

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