‘The Lincoln Project’ Openly Mocks Donald Trump In Viral Monday Video


On Monday — former President Donald Trump’s birthday — the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project released a video message shaming him for his deadly “inaction” against COVID-19. The video features clips of a slew of moments when the ex-president ignorantly downplayed the virus, leaving Americans to suffer as he occupied himself with undertakings like posting pathetic tweets, playing golf, and watching television.

Text that appears on the screen in the new video from The Lincoln Project reads as follows:

‘Today is Donald Trump’s birthday. Because of his inaction, 500,000 Americans celebrated theirs for the last time. So while Donald Trump celebrates his birth, celebrate their lives instead.’

Check out the video below:

Trump is a national humiliation. Instead of focusing on how he, as president of the United States, could work to help Americans stay safe — and alive — right there in the moment, he lazily touted vaccine development efforts that he now insists on taking personal credit for, despite the fact that he’s not exactly some kind of competent scientific authority. Immersed in self-obsessed paranoia, Trump sees conspiracies all over the place, from the roll-out of those vaccines — he has delusionally claimed that progress was purposefully slowed until after the election in order to keep the news from reflecting well on him ahead of voting — to the presidential election, which he continues to insist was somehow rigged for Joe Biden.

Republicans across the party continue to provide space for the ex-president’s nonsense to the point that recently, most Senate Republicans voted against a proposal to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the January Capitol riot that the former president inspired with his bonkers election lies. Republican leaders’ hopes to shield Trump — and their party — from serious scrutiny seem very clear, even as the United States suffers through the fallout of the appallingly ignorance-filled Trump presidency.