Feds Announce ‘Hundreds’ Of Cases Coming Against Trump Goons


Donald Trump is called “the cancer” that has infected government officials within his grasp, which is far. We thought he was just watching TV that last year in office. But apparently, he has been hard at work infecting our democracy with ugly graft and crime.

FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke before the House Oversight Committee along with Army General Charles Flynn, brother to a Trump top official, Michael Flynn. There were more questions than answers. The first one is, why is this tainted brother still commanding the U.S. Army Pacific?

Wray told the Oversight Committee, according to The New York Times::

‘We’ve already arrested close to 500, and we have hundreds of investigations that are still ongoing beyond those 500.’

The FBI has been flooded with tips from the public and has already arrested 500 individuals. However, there may be as many as 500 additional members in the mob that stormed our Capitol. Wray told the House Oversight Committee:

‘[This has been] one of the most far-reaching and extensive [investigations in the FBI’s history.]

Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) said:

‘The threats, I would say, were everywhere. The system was blinking red.’

Maloney did not stop with one of the “referred threats of violence,” which read “Don’t be surprised if we take the Capitol building,” and “Trump needs us to cause chaos to enact the Insurrection Act.” The congresswoman said:

‘I do not recall hearing about this particular email. I’m not aware of Parler ever trying to contact my office.’

In one message she addressed Wray referring to the social media site Parler where she said there were 50 times as many threats to the FBI prior to January 6. In one of those messages, Parler sent to the liaison on January 2, with a poster warning:

‘Don’t be surprised if we take the Capitol building, [and] Trump needs us to cause chaos to enact the Insurrection Act.’

Maloney pointed to the committee’s research into why the National Guard was so problematic. Capitol Police and Washington officials made 12 “urgent requests” for support. The Army leader, who directs The National Guard was gnawing on a bone of relief bereft of meat. They received “stand by” five times as the situation around them worsened. Maloney said:

‘That response took far too long. This is a shocking failure.’

At a second committee, Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), pointed to documents that began at 1:30 on requesting help on that fateful day at the Department of Defense. Police Chief, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. also called for help, which did not arrive until 5:20 p.m.

Representative Khanna said:

‘The National Guard was literally waiting, all ready to go, and they didn’t receive the green light for a critical time period, hours on end.’

Representative Maloney said:

‘The threats, I would say, were everywhere, The system was blinking red.’

Mike Flynn was Trump’s former National Security Guard, but he only worked for the president briefly before he was let go. General Charles Flynn is the brother of [Formerly General] Michael (Mike) Flynn, and overheard portions of the call when he came into the room. As far as sending the National Guard, he said he did not hear any of that:

‘I did not use the word “optics,’” nor did I hear the word used during the call on Jan. 6, 2021, [but] Both speakers on the phone sounded highly agitated and even panicked.’

Around 140 Capitol police officers were injured in the attack, seven died in the violence. One of the officers died from multiple strokes after the battle. Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton said:

‘It is our duty to honor those officers who have given their lives but also ensuring the safety of all those working and visiting the Capitol complex by making hard changes within the department.’

According to the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO):

‘As of today, the board has not provided us with any substantive information consistent with the practices noted above.’

Representative Jody B. Hice (R-GA) said:

‘I would love to ask about the Durham report, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter’s business dealings in China and a host of other things.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she was considering action on a select committee for the Capitol riot investigation. She added:

‘We can’t wait any longer.’

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