Investigation Of Matt Gaetz Expands To Include Corruption & Fraud


According to a new ABC report, the federal criminal investigation targeting Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is growing. Gaetz has been under investigation for potential crimes including his possible involvement in the sex trafficking of a minor, and according to ABC, the investigation “has recently revved up its focus on alleged corruption and fraud stemming from [Joel] Greenberg’s time in office and beyond.” Greenberg was a county tax collector in Central Florida and a friend of Gaetz, and he recently pleaded guilty to crimes including sex trafficking of a minor, also agreeing to cooperate with federal authorities in further investigative efforts.

Now, ABC says that “Greenberg is prepared to hand over evidence and testimony that could implicate Gaetz and others,” and the outlet adds that, according to sources, “prosecutors believe a decision about whether or not to bring charges against Gaetz could come as early as July.” That’s next month, suggesting that Gaetz could soon face consequences for his potential crimes. Federal investigators “have started interviewing more women who were allegedly introduced to Gaetz through Greenberg,” according to ABC, so authorities appear to be gathering whatever evidence may be out there.

Gaetz was recently reported to be under investigation for obstruction of justice, in addition to the other issues. During a phone conversation between an ex-girlfriend of the Congressman and a witness in the sex trafficking case who has since been interviewed by investigators, the former girlfriend added the Congressman himself to the call for a time, at which point prosecutors apparently suspect that he may have brought up concealing the truth during interactions with authorities. Pressuring someone to lie to investigators is a crime.

Meanwhile, federal authorities have also reportedly been examining other potential corruption issues connected to Greenberg’s time as tax collector in Seminole County, Florida. In one instance, an individual named Keith Ingersoll received a $48,000 contract to conduct work for the tax collector’s office while Greenberg was in charge — but it’s unclear whether any actual work resulted from that contract, meaning that Greenberg may have been distributing taxpayer dollars as what amounted to favors. Authorities have also zeroed in upon Joe Ellicott, an associate of Greenberg who “appears to have information that may be damning to others beyond Greenberg” in the sex trafficking investigation, as ABC put it.