Mike Pence Suffers Widespread Public Humiliation


Former Vice President Mike Pence does not appear to be on good terms with some everyday Republicans, based on what took place at the so-called Faith and Freedom Coalition’s conference on Friday. Pence faced angry jeers from the crowd, and some of those in attendance shouted out that he was a “traitor.” Previously, former President Donald Trump has criticized Pence for refusing to intervene in the formal Congressional certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory to stop the process — something that Pence, in his role presiding over the certification proceedings, didn’t even have the power to do.

There were some in the crowd who cheered for Pence — but others yelled about their belief that he is a “traitor.” During the Capitol riot in January, members of the crowd chanted “Hang Mike Pence!”, and there was even a gallows constructed outside of the Capitol building. What would have happened if the rioting crowd had successfully reached the then-vice president? He, like other top government leaders who were there that day, barely escaped the onslaught as hundreds of Trump supporters swarmed the building. This appalling violence is what Donald Trump has wrought.

Check out the jeers below:

Going forward, Trump has shown just about every indication that he intends to be as involved as possible in the goings-on of the Republican Party — although he’s yet to confirm whether he will run for president again in 2024. In the meantime, prominent Trump supporter and MyPillow founder/ CEO Mike Lindell has claimed (without any legitimate evidence to back him up) that Trump will be reinstated as president by August of this year. Trump allies have claimed that post-election investigations of what took place have revealed conclusive proof of systematic fraud swinging the election to Biden, but they don’t know — and in many cases don’t appear to care — what they’re talking about. They’re not accurate, no matter any pompous self-confidence with which they present their nonsense.

Notably, in discussions of a potential presidential campaign in 2024, Trump has shied away from saying that he’d go with Pence as a running mate again. Instead, he’s said that individuals like Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis would be under consideration.