‘We Will Proceed’ Pelosi Puts GOP On Notice Over Jan 6 Investigation


The Republican leadership and their leader, Donald Trump, seem to think that whitewashing January 6 out of existence is the best way of handling the fallout from a failed coup. They are simply wrong. In order to prevent another like event from happening is to discover what happened and how. Otherwise, there will be another attempted coup. And this time the attackers will have learned, so many more people could die, especially if guns are involved.

The Democrats tried to get an independent 9/11-style commission to investigate, but the GOP turned them down flat with their “no” votes. Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been forced to go in another direction.

Both military leaders and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in the House Tuesday. But they left the building without responding to questions that would have provided clear answers.

Pelosi has met with several of her committee chairs and said, the Associated Press (AP) reported:

‘[The final investigation form was] to be determined.’

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‘Whether we have a commission today, tomorrow or the next day over in the Senate, or not, the work of the committees will be very important in what we’re seeking for the American people — the truth.’

Last week, the Senate released a report that found the Capitol Police intelligence, based upon investigative data, was aware of plots to attack the Capitol as early as December. Why did that imminent threat not make it to the Capitol Police leaders and the federal law enforcement agencies?

President Joe Biden has not wanted to appoint his own commission to investigate the failed coup, Axios reported. Rather, he preferred to allow the Speaker to take the lead. Now, she is ready:

‘We can’t wait any longer. We will proceed.’

According to a SurveyMonkey Poll prepared in May for Axios discovered that 66 percent of moderate and liberal Republicans want a bipartisan commission:

‘Two in three Americans — including the majority of moderate and liberal Republicans — favor creating a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly attack.’

Pelosi has several options. She can let an existing committee take the lead, create a committee for the investigation, or appoint a special committee. With subpoena power and in whatever form she chooses, hopefully, she will quickly discover what happened on January 6 in time to prevent another attack.

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