Immediate DOJ Investigation Of Donald Trump’s Attempted Coup Demanded Maxine Waters


What a powerful enemy Donald Trump made when he attacked Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) and the grieving mother and widow of a fallen soldier on their way to meet his returning casket. As frightening as it seems, the ex-president’s core followers believe that he is the Second Coming of Christ in spite of his unChristian actions. They forget that before that event, a “false profit” would show up. And he just might be holding a Bible upside down. Waters has him in her sights now.

We have not heard much about Representative Waters, but as Committee on Financial Services Chair, she decided that now was the time for an investigation of Trump and his 2020 campaign. She also wants to investigate what, if any, link exists between them and the January 6 insurrection at our nation’s symbol of Democracy, the U.S. Capitol Building. She tweeted:

‘Logged on to Twitter only to see that my haters have me trending again! Does the truth make you that mad? I’ll say it again: Trump and his campaign must be investigated for the January 6th insurrection. Follow the money!’

In another tweet she wrote:

‘[T]ake a look at all of the people listed on the National Park Service permit for the January 6 rally that led to the attack on the Capitol.’

‘It should be concerning that FEC reports show the Trump Campaign, at some point, paid over $2.7 MILLION to people who helped organize Jan. 6. We need to investigate who funded the January 6 rally, who helped pay to bus people into Washington, D.C., the role of shell companies, and so much more.’

Ms. Waters and other of her ilk have condemned the former president for inciting his followers to a bloodlust level and then pointing them at our Capitol Building to overthrow the sitting Congress.  Thus far, over 480 individuals have been arrested for their involvement in the failed coup.

CNN showed its Sunday special, Assault on Democracy, detailing the January 6 insurrection. Executive Gabe Roth directed the court transparency advocacy entity, Fix the Court, and he told CNN:

‘Video helps the American people trust that justice is being done. If you see something, you’re more likely to internalize it, more likely to understand it. This is a major moment in American history that needs to be digested and seen and understood. If you’re piecing together the story of the day, you want to be able to have every angle’

Waters has not been alone in thinking that Trump was responsible. He invited his followers to Washington, D.C. Then, he incited them to mob mentality and told them he was leading them to the Capitol on January 6. He weaponized them, and Congress was minutes away from physical danger.

Trump’s campaign continued to claim a hands-off on the insurrection. Representative Walters came down hard on the Republicans on CNN Saturday. She said the choice to not investigate this “unconscionable:”

‘I want you to know that these are real domestic terrorists, and we are talking about the Proud Boys, we are talking about the Oathkeepers, we are talking about the KKK, we are talking about QAnon.’

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