Manchin Commits To Filibuster Proof Infrastructure Bill In Blow To GOP


Infrastructure, which consists of all of that which allows for the functioning of a society such as roads, bridges, and other means of business and economic operations, is an important new focus for Congress under the administration of President Joe Biden. After failing to come to any sort of compromise on the voting rights bill that failed to even be brought up for debate, Manchin’s support on the infrastructure bill is key to moving forward with Democratic plans for the country’s future.

In addition to funding for roads and bridges, Biden’s infrastructure proposals have addressed additional, modern needs for societal advancement, such as high-speed internet in rural areas and child care so that half the workforce can remain productive. How would these things be paid for? It would start with making some serious adjustments to former President Trump’s massive tax cuts for the rich, and Manchin is ready to talk about that.

‘I’ve come to the knowledge, basically, that budget reconciliation is for reconciling budgets. So it’s money matters…Republicans have drawn a line in the sand on not changing anything, and I thought the 2017 tax bill was a very unfair bill, and weighted to a side that basically did not benefit the average American. So I voted against it. I think there are some adjustments that need to be made.’

Manchin also said that the specifics still need discussion and that being competitive in the modern era will require serious investment. What cannot happen, however, is continuing to allow the wealthy to pay minimal taxes while also funding infrastructure programs that allow the United States to remain the wealthiest country in the world.

‘Now, the size of the bill or what’s going to be done — the scope of that, we’ve got to find out. First of all, we should be looking at: What do we do that we think that keeps us competitive and make some changes in the tax code? Once you find out what makes you competitive in the tax code, then you’ll find out how much money you have to invest in this human infrastructure.’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that the additional funding for that which goes beyond physical infrastructure is necessary for the effort’s success, and welcomes discussion on how to best provide it.

‘There cannot be a bipartisan bill which only deals with physical infrastructure unless it’s very clear that there’s going to be a major reconciliation bill which deals with the needs of working families, climate change and progressive tax reform. And I think we can, we can make that happen. It’s going to be either both or nothing.’