Twenty-One Attorneys General Band Together Against Louis DeJoy


The is nothing quite like having a holdover from the Donald Trump White House spreading his fingerprints all over our personal mail. If there actually is such as thing as a criminal likeness, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is it. He is the guy who walked in and had the multi-million dollar rapid sorting matching torn apart and left out in the rain to rust. But he has more ruin to rot.

President Joe Biden cannot fire him, because that can only be done by his agency’s governing board. We thought that once the president had installed some of his own people to fill open slots, DeJoy would be out the exit door and onto other misdeeds.

There were 21 state attorneys general who released a statement in opposition to the postmaster general’s upcoming changes to our beloved, though injured, United States Postal System (USPS). One of his brilliant ideas was to delay some first-class mail, moving it from two- to three-day deliveries to four- and five-day trips.

These attorneys generals insisted to the Postal Regulatory Commission, which provides independent oversight, that these delays would prove harmful to rural communities and as importantly, they would probably disqualify some absentee votes.

DeJoy has an interest in an existing competitor of our postal system, so his raising prices and killing services come into question for legitimacy. He claimed it was to reduce revenue shortfall.

However, the Post Office was never meant to be a money-making entity. And the Republicans, who have long wanted to privatize the USPS, forced the delivery service into paying for its employees’ retirement benefits upfront. No other agency has had that arrangement.

The attorneys general say that was evidence of a “flawed philosophy,” The Washington Post reported:

‘[This showed a] flawed philosophy that would prioritize the services it offers in competitive markets [i.e. package delivery] over those that it alone provides and on which countless Americans depend.’

The attorneys general missive was also signed by city attorneys for New York City and San Francisco, all Democrats. The letter said delayed mail was a USPS statutory duty violation, according to The USA Today newspaper.

In February, President Biden nominated three people to the Postal Service’s governing board, giving the Democrats a majority. The new board’s members’ terms just began on June 15, however.

DeJoy has been under an FBI investigation for campaign finance violations when he was a Republican donor. Of course, he denied the charges.

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