Latest Biden Approval Ratings Leave Trump/GOP In His Dust


Oh, the former president is not going to like this. And if we cared about that, we would not feel such delight at President Joe Biden’s popularity. Of course, we remember that 45 never even scratched the underside of 50 percent in the polls, even though numbers around him tend to contort, roll around, and disappear into the dark recesses of Donald Trump’s mind. Generally speaking, Americans do not care about filibusters or procedures. We do care about action on issues that can make our lives better.

And it appears that President Biden has once again increased his numbers in the latest Fox News poll. It appears that his numbers have only continued to climb since the last poll. He was at 54 percent approval in his April and May performance.  He came in at a strong 56 percent in the latest poll.

As far as the coronavirus pandemic, 64 percent of the voters in the poll approved of Biden’s management. That included 40 percent for Republicans and 90 percent for Democrats. Only 34 percent disapproved.

President Biden came within days of reaching his goal of 70 percent of all Americans being vaccinated. Of course, the numbers were stronger in some states. The nation’s preeminent virus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci went door-to-door trying to convince people to get their vaccination. In 90 minutes, he convinced about seven to get their life-saving shots.

A full 60 percent of the participants believe that the virus originated as a leak from the Wuhan Laboratory in China. Only 31 believe that it came from a bat in the wild or at the open-air food market.

One of the officials investigating the source of the virus had put funds into the Chinese lab, and he worked diligently to downplay the lab leak. He also falsified records. The lab leak went from a conspiracy theory to very potential.

During a Fox News Primetime interview, The Next Revolution host Steve Hilton was referencing a new report from The National Pulse. The report linked Google and  Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance by financial ties. He knew:

‘A controversial group that has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on “killer” bat coronavirus research.’

Daszak serves on the World Health Organization’s “wildly compromised” COVID investigation team. In fact, the new report indicated that Hilton personally “championed efforts” to draw attention away from the lab-leak theory.

Hilton noted that the new report provided more evidence for the Big Tech experiments theory:

‘It’s honestly one of the biggest scandals for, I don’t know, a hundred years. I can’t think of a bigger one.’

The Fox News poll interviewed 1,001 registered voters between June 10 to June 22 inclusive with a margin of error of 3+/- percentage points.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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