Giuliani Gets Smoked During Hearing By Lawyer For Dominion Voting Systems


Dominion Voting Systems, a voting technology company that has been the subject of multiple pro-Trump conspiracy theories about the integrity of last year’s presidential election, has now “accused right-wing lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani of coming to Washington, DC, to push election fraud claims in late 2020 because they wanted to rub elbows with nationally powerful Republicans, including then-President Donald Trump,” a new CNN report explains. Of course, claiming self-interest as behind certain pro-Trump election conspirators’ actions certainly isn’t a shock. Dominion made these allegations, which were shared in court on Thursday by Megan Meier, an attorney for the company, in the context of hefty defamation lawsuits that they’ve filed over the false election claims.

As Meier put it, discussing Giuliani and Powell, D.C. was “the place they could get in-person audiences,” also calling it “the place where Powell could become a household name.” Dominion has also already claimed that Powell in particular got involved with fighting against last year’s presidential election results with an ulterior motive of securing a presidential pardon for her client, Michael Flynn. Last year, after the presidential election, then-President Trump did, in fact, pardon Flynn, who at one point pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators before eventually trying to withdraw that guilty plea.

On Thursday, Dominion “was attempting to convince a federal judge their defamation lawsuit against Powell belongs in federal court in Washington,” as CNN explains. No legitimate evidence in support of claims from Powell and others against Dominion has ever emerged. Powell’s legal team, however, has sought to characterize her rhetoric about the election as protected because, they claim, the integrity of last year’s presidential election is still in question, and attorneys for MyPillow founder/ CEO Mike Lindell — who’s also been sued for defamation by Dominion — have presented the same argument.

No court anywhere in the United States has ever accepted the idea that systematic election fraud was present in last year’s presidential contest. Following rigorous security checks, state authorities in all 50 states certified their respective locales’ results as legitimate. In Georgia alone, every vote in the presidential race was counted three times. Federal authorities at the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security have, meanwhile, confirmed that there’s no legitimate evidence of systematic election fraud. What more do these people want? A message in the sky? Dominion attorney Tom Clare has noted that there “is a quantum of information available to [Lindell] by the time he made these statements” about the election, adding that the pillow company CEO “made the preconceived notion that the election was stolen.”