Wisconsin Supreme Court Dismisses Blatant Voter Suppression Attempt


The Wisconsin state Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a prominent GOP donor in the state, who had been seeking to enact changes to the conducting of Wisconsin elections. Jere Fabick, who brought the lawsuit, wanted the court to “stop cities and towns from using absentee ballot drop boxes as well as from filling in missing witness address information on absentee ballots,” as the Wisconsin State Journal explains. Eliminating drop boxes for mail-in ballots could seriously impact the ability of certain voters to participate in the electoral process. Meanwhile. Fabick also wanted a declaration that individuals who return mail-in ballots on behalf of other voters are committing a crime. None of these requests are tied to any real-world evidence of systematic election fraud.

The decision by the Wisconsin state Supreme Court against hearing Fabick’s lawsuit had four justices — including conservative Brian Hagedorn — in favor and three opposed. The majority opted against hearing the case over procedural concerns. As Hagedorn put it on behalf of the majority, “While this court must not shrink back from deciding challenging or politically fraught questions properly before us, neither should we be eager to insert ourselves at the expense of time-tested judicial norms.” Fabick’s arguments, Hagedorn added, weren’t “cleanly presented,” and the justice summarized the problem as follows:

‘The petition bases its original action request on a set of novel procedural arguments that may preclude us from ever addressing the substantive questions.’

Fabick originally sought action by April 7 of this year, when Wisconsin held elections including for a statewide race for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Fabick’s case was one of numerous lawsuits that challenged the way that last year’s November elections were conducted, but again, no legitimate evidence has ever emerged in support of the claim that the presidential race was somehow rigged for Biden, and no court has ever accepted that idea either. Trump, nevertheless, is continuing to push the false claim that he was last November’s rightful winner. At a rally in Ohio over the weekend, he said that “we won the election twice,” and he’s promoted the nonsense through numerous other means.