Criminal Charges Against Trump Likely Coming This Week


In the murky world that floats around Donald Trump, a conspiracy theory has risen to the top of Democrat’s radar, that Donald Trump will be magically reinstalled as president in August. So, if he is jailed for his many alleged crimes, will they still believe it? How far along is the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance in putting him there?

Charges against the Trump Organization could be coming as soon as this week. Prosecutors have been investigating Trump’s company, and now it has been indicted. Yes, that can happen to a company, because as the Supreme Court told us, “corporations are people.” Oops, unintended consequences occurred when it made that decision. The idea was to increase donor funds, because as we all know, corporations do not have hearts.

The New York prosecutors have been examining the Trump Organization’s habit of paying cash bonuses without paying the taxes that went along with them. The DA’s office wanted to know whether school tuitions and rent-free apartments were part of that pattern. Thus far, it has not set a definite dollar amount or attached the names of those who benefitted.

Criminal defense attorney and former assistant district attorney in the Manhattan district attorney’s office Jeremy Saland noted that tax evasion would be difficult to prove. The problem was Trump’s propensity to sidestep not only the law but also documentation. Saland said, according to CNN:

‘If it’s large enough, it bolsters their case. If it’s insignificant, I don’t know that I’d go down that road so much, because how are you corroborating that there was this cash transaction? It’s much easier to say he leased this apartment, because you can go look at records and speak to people about who was living there.’

‘But there’s going to be no record of a cash transaction. Why give the organization or Donald Trump the ability to separate that out or make that an issue? If it’s overwhelming and you have good evidence of it, then it’s consistent with [the] theory [of the company playing] fast and loose.’

In addition, charges against CFO for the Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg may well come as soon as this week. Prosecutors have been trying to flip Trump’s money man to no avail. Would he actually choose to let his own children go to jail before his boss? One of them worked directly for Trump, and the other was a banker for him.


Saland said it is more likely that the district attorney’s office would focus on the liability of the company, rather than the individuals, particularly if the numbers are sizable: “

‘I don’t think it’s the end game of the Manhattan DA’s office to go after the little guy. You flip up, you don’t flip down.’

CBS News reported that Trump may get off, though:

‘Ronald Fischetti, a lawyer representing former President Trump in his stand-off with New York prosecutors, expects the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to bring criminal charges against Mr. Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, in the coming days, but told CBS News he does not foresee charges against the former president himself.’

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