GOP Voter Suppression Attempt Thwarted By Pennsylvania Governor


Donald Trump will tell us exactly what he is doing, because he projects his actions upon others loudly and frequently. He has been arguing that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him when he has been trying to steal the election by any means possible. He has been greatly assisted by the Heritage Foundation which allegedly handed out pre-written bills to the states starting the day after President Joe Biden won the election. Those Republicans in power are in a dead-serious battle to steal the next election.

States with a Republican-dominated Congress are fortunate when they have a Democratic governor to balance out their more radical bent. That is, unless their Congress votes to whisk away the governor’s powers, which is occurring across the country. But Pennsylvania is one of those fortunate states able to withstand the rabid desire to steal elections — so far.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) vetoed a Republican bill to force voter ID in all elections plus other like changes, according to the local NBC affiliate WGAL. This even though there has been no voter fraud proven. He called the Republicans’ bill out as voter suppression not voter fraud. The governor also line-item vetoed $3.1 million for an election-auditing bureau.

Pennsylvania state Senators Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) and Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) reacted dramatically to Wolf’s veto. The two senators released a lengthy statement arguing that “74 percent of citizens recently voiced their support.”

The Inquirer’s Data & Democracy Reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jonathan Lai who covers voting and elections tweeted a copy letter they sent:

‘The people of our Commonwealth have made it clear that they want an election system they can believe in.’

‘In fact, election reform ranks among the most serious concerns of Pennsylvanians in statewide polling, including the 74 percent of citizens who recently voiced their support for voter ID, which is why the General Assembly addressed this important matter before the end of June.’

The Republicans continued, arguing that the law’s purpose was to “identify and fix flaws in our election system:”

‘The Voter Right Protection Act that passed both chambers of the General Assembly reflects the legislative branch’s work to identify and fix flaws in our election system, and ensures no voter would be disenfranchised by ensuring every single legal voter in the state would receive a qualifying voter ID under the bill – free of charge.’

‘The process included review of best practices in multiple states including red, blue, and purple states, as well as many bipartisan hearings that were held over several months. The recommendations and changes identified in these hearings are all reflected in this important piece of legislation.’

The two senators wrote that Wolf already had been invited “on several occasions to participate:”

‘Governor Wolf was asked on several occasions to participate and provide input in the process, but he instead opted to defend the national democrats (sic) party line and kowtow to special interests by crying foul to voter suppression in the media…’

Then, they issued their warning that the senators on the Republican side of the Pennsylvania Congress “will continue our efforts to strengthen our elections:”

‘…Our Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform identified a more limited set of recommendations that were approved with bipartisan support.’

‘Those recommendations will form the basis of our election reform efforts in the fall.’

Lai tweeted:

‘PA Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vetoes Republican election overhaul bill HB1300, which included tighter voter ID rules: “This bill is ultimately not about improving access to voting or election security, but about restricting the freedom to vote.”’

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