‘The Lincoln Project’ Smokes Trump & McConnell Viral New Video


The anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project has released a new video ad taunting Trump over the rift between him and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Trump has taken personal credit for McConnell’s re-election in 2020, but Mitch has been in office for decades in the reliably red-leaning state of Kentucky — so Trump’s effort to claim McConnell’s victory as some kind of vicarious win for himself seems delusionally misguided, to say the least.

The new Lincoln Project video highlights how McConnell has at least tacitly kept his distance from Trump. At one point, McConnell even directly blamed Trump for the January riot at the Capitol. In the new ad, narration says as follows:

‘Does Mitch call the shots now, Donald? Yes he does. He says he runs the Republican Party, the party you built. He’s the boss now. He’s even taking shots at you. When did Mitch overpower you?.. He doesn’t care what you think of candidates, he’s in charge. He’ll pick them himself… and they’ll be loyal to Mitch… not you. Is this still your party or not? You can’t keep up… If you don’t do something soon… you can kiss 2024 goodbye.’

Check out the video below:

Trump has yet to publicly confirm whether or not he intends to try and win the presidency again in 2024, although in the meantime, he’s continued to push the nonsense that he was the rightful winner last year. He has also apparently been harboring the bonkers idea that he will or at least could be reinstated as president by August of this year because of supposedly imminent confirmations of imaginary election fraud, but in truth, there is no real-world evidence at all backing up this idea.