Michelle Obama Shares 4th Of July Message Like A Real Patriot


On Sunday — July 4th — former First Lady Michelle Obama shared a message on Twitter in celebration of the occasion and in honor of the birthday of the Obamas’ daughter Malia, which falls on the same day. The former First Lady’s bright message contrasted strikingly with the vitriol consistently put out by the most recent ex-First Family, the Trumps, whose company is now facing criminal charges in New York over an alleged years-long tax evasion scheme. Allen Weisselberg, the company’s chief financial officer, is accused of owing over $900,000 in taxes alone.

Meanwhile, Michelle shared as follows, alongside a photo of herself and Malia:

‘Happy Fourth of July, everybody—and also, happy 23rd birthday to our dear Malia! It’s been a few years since we took this photo, but I know that she’ll always be my sweet little girl. Malia, we love you, and are so excited to see what this year will bring for you!’

Former President Barack Obama shared a weekend Fourth of July message along similar lines, writing on Twitter as follows:

‘Happy Fourth of July, and Happy Birthday, Malia! It’s been such a joy to watch you begin to make your own way in the world with poise, grace, and humor. I miss the days when you thought the fireworks were for you.’

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to align themselves with presidential election loser Donald Trump, who stopped in Florida over the weekend for a rally, where he complained about the criminal charges his company is facing in New York. He seemingly admitted to the foundational allegations from prosecutors, who have outlined how the Trump company doled out high-dollar fringe benefits to executives without paying taxes on the perks, but he mocked the idea that such a scenario constituted criminal activity. However, suggesting that Trump was somehow ignorant of the taxability of so-called fringe benefits seems just farcically ridiculous.