‘The Lincoln Project’ Calls On America To Defend Democracy In New Video


On Independence Day, President Joe Biden reminded us of how wonderful America is, “the greatest idea in the long history of humankind.” The coronavirus pandemic changed us. It reminded us of how sweet the simple things are, going to Grandma’s house. Strolling to the ice-cream store for a cone after dinner at home. Or spending an hour or two with friends in our favorite restaurant:

‘The idea of America is the greatest idea in the long history of humankind.’

He reminded us that America is an idea, not to be taken lightly. Because an idea bears tending and nurturing. An idea can be destroyed more quickly than we imagined. He reminded us that all of us are created equal. Money is not the measure of worth. People moving freely are the greatest jewels of all:

‘An idea that we’re all created equal in the image of Almighty God.’

During the pandemic, we lived for months with the nine long minutes of George Floyd’s murder and of the trial. As regular people who did not even know this kind Black man tried to help save him within the broken constraints of police violence. It touched us, changed us when this great tall basketball player cried at last for his “Mama! Mama:”

‘That we’re all entitled to dignity and respect, decency and honor.’

Theirs was an act of love for their neighbor, a man they had never met. We loved our neighbors, the medical workers who worked beyond exhaustion during the pandemic by clapping out our windows at 7:00 p.m. in New York. They are the professionals we never met. Others of us gave food to those we loved in absentia, those who stood at attention in their cars, waiting for just one box for the food hungry:

‘Love of neighbor. They’re are not empty words.’

When 33.7 million caught the terrible disease and 605 million died, we were reminded that just like these Americans’ beating hearts, so too, beats the heart of our great nation. And as we watched on television healthcare workers clapped for a patient win against the odds, we clapped in our minds and hurt for those who did not make it in our hearts:

‘But the vital beating heart of our nation.’

After our 20-year-war in Afghanistan, our members of the military who defended America’s interests began to come home. They defended our democracy. And we learned, too, we cannot take our democracy for granted, that citizenship is not a state of being but rather an act. We must all participate, because the idea of America can disappear in the hours of an insurrection, human weapons, many unwitting, pointed at the greatest symbol of our freedom, our Capitol:

‘That democracy must be defended at all costs.’

Our precious democracy makes our freedom possible. A near-dictator wanted to steal our election, steal our freedom. We need only to look to the Russian people, the people of North Korea to see what they do not have:

‘For democracy makes all this possible. Democracy.’

Elected legislators do own our government. No, they work for us. Something so many have forgotten. Their jobs are to tend this wonderful country, not fight dirty simply to win, for power, for money:

‘That’s the soul of America. And I believe it’s a soul worth fighting for.’

We remember. We know our duty is to work hard to protect our great democracy, this great experiment. We stand at the edge of history and will be remembered for what we do right now for ages:

‘And so do you. ‘

The Lincoln Project created the images that ring the bells of freedom, that honor this day we became independent. This day we will keep independent until we pass it on to our children and our children’s children:

‘The Lincoln Project Honors Independence Day.’

Thank you for reminding us in every way, President Biden. For reminding us of what patriotism looks like and what it is.

The Lincoln Project tweeted its Independence Day message:

‘Democracy must be defended at all costs — for Democracy makes all this possible.’ — President @JoeBiden#’

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