Top Trump Goons Giuliani, Lindell, & Powell Hit By Federal Subpoenas


MSNBC host of Meet The Press and MTP Daily, Chuck Todd went after Fox News shows, guilting them for their attacks with the anti-COVID-19 propaganda. He pointed into the camera and called out the ultra-conservative shows as being merely talking tools of Donald Trump’s agenda, one that unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and continues. Todd said, “Shame on you.” And this is just the beginning of Fox News’ problems.

Todd accused his competitors of “misinformation surrounding vaccines as U.S. records new Covid cases.” This as the coronavirus Delta variant was responsible for one-fourth of the new pandemic cases.  It has begun attacking Trump supporters who believed their president and refused masks and shots, according to the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Fox News also spread the conspiracy theory about Dominion Voting Machines. Its talking heads falsely claimed that these machines “flipped votes from former President Donald Trump to Biden.” The ex’s attorneys Gina Powell and Rudy Giuliani, plus MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell furthered the conspiracy theory. Dominion has issued subpoenas to them as part of its $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox, according to The Forbes report.

Multiple audits and statistical analyses have proven that there was no “evidence of widespread election fraud.” The attorneys lost 60 lawsuits, even at the Supreme Court level, trying to prove Dominion threw the election to President Joe Biden.  These three characters have also been involved with the other voting machine, Smartmatic:

‘The voting machine company notified the Delaware court on Monday it had issued subpoenas to Giuliani, Powell, Lindell and MyPillow, and Bloomberg reports they have until July 25 to respond.’

The Bloomberg reported that Giuliani’s subpoena and like supoenas for the other two called for:

  • all of his communications with Fox that had any relationship to Dominion regarding the 2020 election,
  • ‘all documents related to his appearances on Fox since 2016,
  • information about the nature of his relationship with Fox, and
  • whether he’s compensated for his appearances, according to a copy of the subpoena.’

The subpoena also wanted data about  the “truth or falsity” of Giuliani’s claims it “has tried and true methods for fixing elections.” Plus, it asked for information about the former New York mayor appearing on Sean Hannity’s show saying Dominion employees in Detroit had “brought in 100,000 fraudulent ballots for President Joe Biden.”

Of course, Giuliani went to court to have the Dominion’s case against him dismissed. He and the other two have offered no evidence to support their wild claims.

Fox News argued:

‘[I]t did not defame Dominion and was free to air the fraud claims about its voting machines under the First Amendment, claiming in its motion to dismiss the lawsuit that Dominion’s complaint “threatens to stifle the media’s free-speech right to inform the public about newsworthy allegations of paramount public concern.’

‘[It added t]he press must remain free to cover both sides, or there will be a free press no more.”‘

The Dominion Voting Machines company requested $1.6 billion in its lawsuit against Fox. News for damages. Plus, the company has sued Giuliani, Lindell, and Powell for $1.3 billion each.

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