Arizona GOP Served With Federal Lawsuit Over Bogus Election ‘Audit’


Republicans in the Arizona state Senate have now been sued by the state’s largest newspaper in connection to the sham, so-called “audit” that they have been overseeing in Maricopa County, Arizona, which includes Phoenix and where Joe Biden was victorious last November. The newspaper — The Arizona Republic — is seeking financial and communication records connected to the audit, which it says members of the public should be able to access under laws regarding public records. Besides Republican leaders, the lawsuit also targets Cyber Ninjas, the company that Arizona state Senate leaders tasked with conducting the audit despite its total lack of experience in election auditing.

Attorney David Bodney, who is representing the newspaper, commented as follows:

‘Arizona law entitles the public to know how this audit is being conducted and funded. And the Arizona public records law does not permit the Senate to play ‘hide the ball’ by delegating core responsibilities to a third party like Cyber Ninjas and concealing records of government activities and public expenditures in Cyber Ninjas’ files.’

The lawsuit itself adds the following:

‘The Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County ballots is a matter of the most urgent public concern. Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the administration of our elections. Defendants themselves have stressed the importance of public confidence in voting and elections as justifications for the audit, and have pledged transparency in performing the audit. But the public cannot properly evaluate the conduct of and findings of the audit without prompt and full access to the very public records that defendants are unlawfully withholding.’

There have been serious, documented issues with the procedures used for the Maricopa audit, and more broadly, the debacle has also proceeded under clearly biased pretenses. Despite the lack of evidence, Cyber Ninjas founder Doug Logan even narrated a recent web documentary claiming that systematic election fraud was present in last year’s presidential race. Audit workers, meanwhile, were at one point looking for bamboo fibers among the election materials on the basis of the bonkers conspiracy theory that fraudulent ballots may have been shipped in from Asia. If the so-called auditors are sufficiently disconnected from reality to allow for a search for bamboo fibers in the first place, then who’s to say that they wouldn’t be inclined to come up with sham “evidence” for other nonsense? Their final report, whenever it emerges, is not going to be remotely credible.