‘Tell All’ About Final Days Of Trump Presidency Revealed In Blow To GOP


A new book by longtime journalist Bob Woodward on the Trump presidency is coming this September, according to a new report from CNN. The title of this upcoming work is not yet clear, but Woodward has already published two books covering the Trump administration, called Fear and Rage, respectively. Woodward’s work has garnered the attention of the former president himself, who has publicly complained about it and yet sat for 18 interviews with Woodward during the process of putting together Rage.

Woodward’s upcoming book on Trump will be released on September 21 by Simon & Schuster, which also published the journalist’s previous two books covering the former president. For his latest work, Woodward has collaborated with Robert Costa of The Washington Post, with whom he interviewed Trump during the 2016 presidential primary election season. Woodward’s previous Trump books have revealed troubling details about the now former president’s administration, including drastic steps that his aides undertook to try and stop him from enacting certain moves. At one point, then-top economic adviser Gary Cohn even literally removed a letter from Trump’s desk that he had been set to sign ordering a United States withdrawal from a trade deal with South Korea. Ultimately, that withdrawal never happened.

Later, Woodward revealed in his second book how aware that Trump really was about the dangers of COVID-19. Throughout the part of the pandemic when he was in office as president, Trump largely stuck to downplaying the virus, even as Americans died on a daily basis by the thousands. Trump could have stuck to promoting face masks, encouraging social distancing, and utilizing the powers of the federal government (including through a more intensive invocation of the Defense Production Act) to support efforts to get protective gear to the people who desperately needed it. Instead, Trump seemed to prioritize his self-serving, conspiratorial ramblings at White House press conferences and on Twitter.