Judge Orders Insurrectionist/Qanon Shaman To Remain In Jail


Federal Judge Royce Lamberth has now denied another attempt by Trump insurrectionist Jacob Chansley to get released ahead of his trial on charges connected to the January riot at the Capitol. During that violence, Chansley paraded around the premises wearing a piece of showy headgear, face paint, and no shirt, and he has come to be known as the “QAnon Shaman,” referencing the QAnon conspiracy theory. As part of his latest attempt to get out of prison, Chansley wanted to be allowed to move to a “secure location” with his family in Phoenix, Arizona — but little specific information regarding this “secure location” was provided to the court. Lamberth refused to agree to a release arrangement that he barely even knew anything about.

In remarks released on Tuesday, Lamberth wrote as follows, discussing the issue:

‘Understandably, defense counsel stated that he would not provide further details about that arrangement on the public record ‘to avoid disclosure of names and locations.’.. But since the hearing, which took place nearly one week ago, defense counsel has not provided any information to the Court regarding that ‘secure location.’ Without information on the arrangements that have been made, the Court is unable to assess whether this release plan would reasonably assure Chansley’s appearance as required.’

Lamberth originally denied a previous request from Chansley to be let out of prison back in March, at which time the judge concluded that Chansley posed both a flight risk and a danger to the public. Chansley’s mother, Martha Chansley, was interviewed by CBS earlier this year, to whom she insisted that her son had merely “walked through open doors” at the Capitol — undercutting the idea that the younger Chansley’s family members would support his compliance with judicial demands in the event of his pre-trial release. In his latest rejection of Chansley’s attempts to get released, Judge Lamberth wrote that since “Chansley’s family connections have not prevented him from traveling undetected in the past, the Court is unpersuaded that they will prevent him from doing so again in the future.”

At the Capitol in January, Chansley left a note meant for Vice President Mike Pence in the Senate, writing, “It’s only a matter of time. Justice is coming!” The language certainly suggests violent intent on Chansley’s part. Currently, according to the Justice Department’s website, Chansley is charged with “Civil Disorder; Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building” and more. Obstruction of an official proceeding carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, potentially increasing the pressure on defendants like Chansley to plead guilty and strike a deal.