Russia Based Extremist Group Caught Participating In Jan 6 Attack


We hear about the Three Percenters, the Proud Boys, and the Oath Keepers, all white nationalist groups who helped plan Donald Trump’s failed coup on January 6. The New York Times compiled a brilliant documentary of the day’s events, locations, and timelines. Then, there is Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and his dead-serious flirtation with Nicholas Fuentes’ America First group.

But Tuesday, MSNBC Nicole Wallace’s Deadline White House’s terrorism experts discussed a deadly group, The Base. Two of its members were arrested during the attempted coup. Its leader Rinaldo Nazzaro aka “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf” moved from New York about three years ago to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The BBC wrote about Nazzaro:

‘The American founder of US-based militant neo-Nazi group The Base is directing the organisation from Russia.’

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) fights against hate and extremists. It explained who The Base was, a major counter-terrorism focus for the FBI:

‘Court documents prepared by the FBI describe The Base as a “racially motivated violent extremist group” that “seeks to accelerate the downfall of the United States government, incite a race war, and establish a white ethno-state.”‘

Then, the SPLC went into the organization’s structure:

‘Made up of small, terroristic cells, The Base believes society should be pushed to collapse so a white ethnostate can arise out of the ruins. It is not an organization that seeks to build popular appeal.’

‘Instead, groups like The Base seek to inspire a small number of actors to commit themselves wholly to their revolutionary mindset and act on it – either by forming small, clandestine terror cells or inspiring individuals to carry out “lone actor” attacks.’

The Base’s founder Nazzaro was inspired by “a plan to forcibly seize the Pacific Northwest and bring it under the control of white supremacist militants:”

‘Though largely organized through encrypted online networks, members of The Base meet in person to train with assault weapons and practice survivalist skills to prepare for the race war they believe is imminent.’

The SPLC included some taped conversations by members of The Base. Patrik Mathews said:

‘Derail some f—— trains, kill some people, and poison some water supplies. You better be f—— ready to do those things. If not, then you are not going to be ready for what’s coming. If you want the white race to survive, you’re going to have to do your f—— part.’

In an encrypted chat, Brian Lemley said:

‘I day dream [sic] about killing so much that I frequently walk in the wront [sic] direction for extended periods of time at work.’

Nazzaro told a prospective recruit:

‘Most of our members are National Socialists and/or fascists, although we also have some run-of-the-mill white nationalists… We have a strong revolutionary and militant current running through The Base. Most of our members are pretty hardcore in that sense. You’re going to be stepping into probably the most extreme group of pro-white people that you can probably come across.’

Featured image is a screenshot via The Lincoln Group tweet.

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