Democrats Reveal $25M To Bypass GOP Obstruction On Voting Rights


Vice President Kamala Harris was deputized by President Joe Biden, which was kind of cool. He authorized her to lead the White House’s strategy supporting voter rights. Not that she was lounging about, because her plate is quite full. But President Biden was fully aware that she was well beyond up to the task, and this woman enjoys the challenge. That was one reason he chose her as his number two. It takes someone like Harris to take on this war. If Dems do not get on the stick, Republicans’ 880 state laws and their hugely financed effort will end Democracy by 2022.

Republicans have been doing far better in their battles and skirmishes. If Democrats do not quit screwing around and end the filibuster, they will never have to worry about it again, because the not-so-Grand Old Party will have turned America into a Fascist country.

Harris spoke at Howard University, her alma mater and an historically Black college Thursday. There she made the announcement that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) intends to invest $25 million in multiple voting rights initiatives, reported. The battle against red states lawmakers continues to pass draconian voter suppression laws.

She called it an investment in the “I Will Vote” campaign. It will be one weapon in the Democrats’ toolkit against “Republican voter suppression:”

‘This campaign is grounded in the firm belief that everyone’s vote matters. That your vote matters.’

During her remarks Thursday, Harris explained the Democrats’ strategy to make their agenda so:

‘We are fighting back. In states, we have successfully blocked some anti-voter bills from becoming law — and others are being challenged in court. In Congress, we are working to pass two bills into law that would protect and strengthen voting rights. And there is another important component of our work, and that is mobilizing to ensure Americans vote in the elections ahead.’

The first woman vice president emphasized that voter protections were not just for Democrats:

‘I want to make clear that this is about all voters. It doesn’t matter to us if you are a Democrat or not. We want to help you vote, and we want to help make sure your vote is counted. Why? Well, because our democracy is strongest when everyone participates, and it is weaker when people are left out.’

Democrats believe that these voter suppression laws unfairly target urban people of color, people with disabilities, and older Americans.

  • ‘Democrats tried to codify voting protections through the For the People Act — a bill that sought to reform campaign finance and government ethics while expanding access to voting
  • ‘Senate Republicans in a party-line voted (down the bill) in late June.
  • ‘The DNC plans to amass the largest voter protection team ever assembled at the committee to advocate for voters at the state level.
  • ‘[The DNC will] educate voters on their rights in their particular state.
  • ‘DNC plans to fund “the largest tech team” in the history of the organization and use data to target voters.’

The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against new Georgia state voter suppression laws last month. This was to show voter rights advocates that the Biden administration intends to pursue like laws with a fury.

Last week, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upheld Arizona’s newly passed restrictions. That caused the Democrats concern. In spite of such disappointing and politically motivated ruling, the president will fight back — hard.

Later, Vice President Harris will join President Biden to meet with the leaders of civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP and the National Urban League.

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