Jen Psaki Clowns On Trump’s Phony Lawsuit At Thursday Press Brief


On Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki clowned on former President Donald Trump for “obsessing over social media,” as she put it. While in office as president, Trump repeatedly prioritized his social media presence, seemingly above other, pressing elements of his job responsibilities. He posted tweets at just about all hours of the day — and frequently at night — going after his political opponents with startlingly petty language and revealing a general, appalling ignorance about the basics of what went on around him. Now, following his removal from Twitter and other platforms in response to his incitement of the January Capitol riot, Trump has filed a class action lawsuit against social media sites, trying to be allowed back.

As Psaki observed, the Biden administration isn’t exactly spending its time following along with the politics of social media. Those involved in the administration have jobs to do — something that sometimes seemed totally lost on Trump, who spent a staggering amount of time while president at one of his own properties. Psaki commented as follows:

‘As it relates to these lawsuits, it’s certainly a decision for the platforms to make. I think it’s safe to say that the president spends a lot less time obsessing over social media than the former president.’

Check out Psaki’s comments below:

Trump’s legal efforts argue that social media companies including Facebook and Twitter should be effectively treated as extensions of the federal government because of claimed substantial connections between the sites and authorities. As law professor Eric Goldman pointedly put it to The New York Times, however, referring to social media executives: “Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t work for the government, Jack Dorsey doesn’t work for the government… The idea that somehow, magically, we can treat them as an extension of the government is illogical.” On a similar note, University of Colorado Professor Blake Reid told the Times that Trump’s effort “is a legally frivolous publicity stunt that has essentially no chance of succeeding in court but a high chance of drawing a lot of attention.” Republican Party groups and Trump’s own political action committee have already fundraised off of Trump’s new filings.