Trump’s To Give Legal Deposition In Phony Lawsuit Against Twitter


Donald Trump decided he would give an interview to his good friend Bill O’Reilly to talk about his latest class-action lawsuit. He is suing Facebook, Google, and Twitter for banning him after January 6. His people surged and writhed in great angry waves toward the Capitol. Clearly, Trump was impressed with how many had come out for him. Never mind he stoked their bloodlust anger, weaponized them, and then pulled the trigger that shot them directly at the Capitol Building.

This, even though suing the mega-companies would mean giving a deposition and testifying about the day’s events at the domed symbol of America’s great experiment, Democracy. Trump complained about the “bad people” in the technical arena, sounding more like a third-grader tattling on his big brother.

O’Reilly called the lawsuit “unprecedented.” Then, he asked the ex-president what he would do when the companies he was suing went to court and argued that 45 had been banned for “inciting a riot.”

Trump responded with “I didn’t.” Then, he continued refuting concern that he had been responsible for any part of the attempted coup. Instead, he blamed his base, the insurrectionists. Of course, we could hear them shouting in videos capturing the failed coup, “The president invited me!”

He insisted “I didn’t.” Then, our ex spent the next minutes denying that he had anything to do with the mob. Once again, he dumped his wheelbarrow of nonsense on O’Reilly’s audience saying it had been the fault of the press for advertising “the fraudulent election.”

There had been some question about whether this ex-president’s lawsuit threat would linger in the air, then crumble, starved for lack of oxygen.  O’Reilly pointed out that discovery was part of the process, and Trump would have to testify under oath about January 6, MSNBC reported:

‘[T]hey’re gonna want to take a deposition from you. You gonna sit for a deposition?’

Trump responded, perhaps not aware, maybe not caring that any of his attornies would cringe. The tried-and-true actions of an individual prior to the trial should be talking with his attorney present. Better yet, he should have let his attorney speak for him. Instead, he said:

‘Sure. I mean, I look forward to it actually. I love talking about the election fraud.’

The liar-in-chief said the attack on the Capitol was an “unfortunate” event. Even so, he continued to gripe about how “unbelievable unfairly” his people had been treated post arrests. Never mind that many of the arrestees were released to attend a wedding or for no reason at all on their own recognizance.

One of the few people willing to discuss a Trump lawsuit against him was Timothy (Tim) O’Brien. He explained to MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell why this suit would end with Trump “shooting himself in the foot.” Of course, O’Brien won his own lawsuit after 45 went after him.

O’Brien, journalist and author of the book Trump Nation, called the whole lawsuit an act of “legal buffoonery” and a “fundraising publicity stunt:”

‘The suit is the definition of triviality. There’s just nothing on the ground here that’ll allow this to go forward.’

The entire O’Reilly interview with Trump will air on The First Thursday.

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