Trump Goon Lin Wood Pathetically Turns Against Sidney Powell During Hearing


Ah, there is no honor among Donald Trump lackeys, it seems. His former legal team has begun to devour one another. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell were forced to attend a Michigan Court hearing, according to In a separate case, Wood was charged for voting illegally in Georgia. It seems that he had been living in the neighboring state of South Carolina for several months. Check out what these two wayward Trump attorneys did next.

Discovery unearthed something that could determine whether the ex-president’s legal team would be sanctioned. It seems, they entered into election lawsuits, which had been deemed dishonest by their peers.

Justice Reporter for Reuters, Jan Wolfe, tweeted during the hearing. During the hearing, Wood managed to separate himself from Powell. He said that he had nothing whatsoever to do with this case:

‘For whatever reason, whoever filed the complaint put my name on there…I didn’t have any specific involvement.’

Detroit lawyer David Fink accused the two lawyers of “lies,” “unhinged conspiracy theories,” and “fraud on the court” in the court documents. The term “Kraken” refers to a fictional sea monster, which Powell has been said to conjure up upon occasion in the form of a monstrous legal attack:

‘This sanctions hearing is underway. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, among other “Kraken” lawyers, have joined via videoconference. Will this be a moment of reckoning for them? I’ll be watching and dropping occasional thoughts in this thread.’

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Wood’s argument was that he had not been notified about the sanctions hearing. Fink said that was “blatantly false.” After all, the information had been mailed to him.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker did not appear to buy Wood’s argument, according to Wolfe’s tweet:

‘This appears to the court to be an after-the-fact explanation. Didn’t you think you had a duty to notify the court that your name was on a lawsuit and you hadn’t given permission?’

Powell then struck back at Wood, saying that she specifically sought his permission before putting his name on the lawsuit:

‘There may have been some kind of miscommunication.’

According to the BBC:

‘Lawyer Sidney Powell – who was until recently part of Donald Trump’s legal team and is now acting independently – has described the case she was mounting as a “Kraken” that, when released, would destroy the case for Democrat Joe Biden having won the US presidency.’

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