Romney Roasts Trump And His Cult Followers For Denying Science


There are politicians who are beginning to peel off from supporting the previous president. It appears that Donald Trump’s uneven grasp of reality and murderous rages have begun to wear on some Republicans. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) stood outside that circle of emptiness and offered Americans his best advice.

He urged everyone to get vaccinated. In doing so, they would keep themselves and those they care about safe from the truly deadly COVID-19. The senator spoke about the strange politicization of the coronavirus anti-vaccination effort, calling it “moronic.”

Romney explained to The Huffington Post about the people attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (C-PAC) in Dallas last weekend. One of the speakers was critical about America’s difficulty making President Joe Biden’s goals. Romney called that for what it was:

‘It’s grossly misfortunate and a huge human cost to have made vaccination political.’

The federal vaccine development began last when the country was under a different administration, Operation Warp Speed. Senator Romney said:

‘After all, President Trump and his supporters take credit for developing the vaccine, why the heck won’t they take advantage of taking the vaccine they received plaudits for having developed?’

It has been odd that Donald Trump had his vaccination in January, but an offshoot of the Trump Party has been cleaving against the simple act of getting vaccinated. The two sides have been sharply divided between the least vaccinated, hardcore Trump followers, and those who simply have been vaccinated, NPR reported. There have been two Americas developing.

In Utah, over 67 percent of all adults have had at least one shot, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Still, the most conservative GOP legislators and the conservative media echo chamber have been repeating anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, such as doubting the vaccine’s efficacy. In addition, two Republican members of the House attacked President Joe Biden’s latest offer of perhaps walking from house to house offering information if wanted and the shot if desired.  The two women outrageously compared this offer to “Nazism.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke on the Senate Floor Monday:

‘There are two hosts of programs on Fox prime time that can only be characterized as anti-vax quacks. I’m referring of course to Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.’

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