Signature Biden Policy Approval Poll Has GOP Running Scared


The Republican slime machine has tried to find a way to pull President Joe Biden down into the muck with them. The minute they think they might have found something to grasp, they begin to slip, gaining speed as they slide even deeper into the sludge that is covering the entire Republican Party. There is an important reason for this.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Grim Reaper” McConnell (R-KY) let loose his attack dogs on President Biden for his “door-to-door” vaccine awareness program, CNN reported. But the  Morning Consult-Politico Poll, which came out Wednesday, proved people were on the side of the president by 15 percentage points.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted:

‘Biden has deployed his Needle Nazis to Mesa County. The people of my district are more than smart enough to make their own decisions about the experimental vaccine and don’t need coercion by federal agents. Did I wake up in Communist China?’

The Morning Consult-Politico Poll showed that 54 percent of the people liked a vaccination promotion campaign such as the president’s plan. In fact, a full 28 percent “strongly support’ it. Add the 26 percent who support it “somewhat,” and that adds up to a powerful 54 percent advantage.

Of course, there were those who opposed the campaign. Ten percent “somewhat oppose(d)” the president’s plan, and 29 percent “strongly oppose(d)” it for a grand total of 39 percent. That meant 15 percentage points more Americans preferred the president’s plan, which was no small difference.

This poll showed a remarkably low “no opinion” or “didn’t know” about it of only seven percent.

President Biden and his administration have been adapting their plan as they came up against different populations. This included those who were waiting to see whether any side-effects occurred and others who were single mothers with several jobs, several children, and nearly zero extra time.

The latest strategy moved its focus to grassroots efforts to reach these people. For example, Kansas University Medical Center, located in the Kansas City metro area and just blocks from the Missouri/Kansas state line, has seen a sharp increase in coronavirus cases. It has incorporated a “Wheel of Fortunesque” game that handed out prizes to people when they got their shots.

Republicans still cried wolf, calling President Biden’s plan governmental encroachment. Their fevered attempts to sheer off his administration’s credibility hit the right-wing media circuit but to no avail.

The White House just kept repeating a message filled with the truth which apparently shields President Trump from the Republican’s kryptonite. That message has indicated trusted community leaders were the ideal conduits for vaccination questions and responses.

The poll indicated that the door-to-door push divided right between the two parties. However, the numbers on that split also showed that there were far fewer members of the GOP. Perhaps, this will be how the diminishing numbers of Republican followers first showed up to be counted and noted.

There was 81 percent of the Democrats and those who leaned Democrat who supported President Biden’s plan. That included 49 percent strongly supporting it as well as 32 percent with “somewhat support.”

On the other hand, 65 percent of the participants who leaned Republican opposed the plan. That number combined the “strongly opposed” 52 percent and 24 percent “somewhat opposed.”

The Morning Consult-Politico Poll was performed between July 9 and 12, 2021. The random sample included 1,996 registered voters. The margin of error showed a strong 2 +/- percent.

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