Five Family Members Arrested In Bulk For Jan 6 Insurrection


Five members of the same Texas family have now been arrested by federal authorities for their participation in the deadly January riot at the Capitol. Those arrested include Thomas and Dawn Munn along with their children Kristi, Joshua, and Kayli, and together, they constitute the largest group of individuals from a single family to be arrested so far in connection to the riot. At least Joshua has already been released from custody ahead of further proceedings. Apparently, a minor in the family was with those who have now been charged by federal authorities, but no action against the minor is apparently being undertaken.

Authorities received information about the Munns’ involvement in the riot from someone with a connection to the family. As summarized by The Washington Post, a “relative of Kristi Munn’s fiance had seen Kristi’s posts on Facebook and Snapchat and provided screenshots to the FBI.” At the Capitol, the Munns entered the building through a broken window, and they apparently left the building — once more by crawling through a broken window — some 52 minutes later. Now, they face charges including disorderly conduct and illegally entering and parading in the Capitol. The counts are misdemeanors.

The Munns are among over 530 Trump supporters who have been criminally charged by federal authorities for participating in the riot. The timings of their arrests — which unfolded just in recent days — reveal just how active that the federal government’s investigation into the violence remains. Meanwhile, Trump has continued to spread the nonsense that originally inspired the riot, claiming without any meaningful evidence to back him up that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden. If even a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol isn’t enough to get certain Republicans to acknowledge the brazen falsity — and danger — of Trump’s rhetoric, then is there anything that could get them to recognize reality?