Michigan AG Puts Republican Election Liars Under Investigation


The office of Michigan state Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) is now investigating situations where certain individuals have raised money for the supposed sake of funding an operation to uncover election fraud. In reality, there is no legitimate evidence of systematic election fraud, but individuals like Michigan attorney Matt DePerno — who is now running for Nessel’s job as attorney general — have fundraised off of the election fraud claims anyway. DePerno alone has apparently raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a supposed election integrity defense fund. Now, the idea is that individuals like DePerno may be guilty of financial fraud, since they’ve raised this money — and put it to who knows what use — under demonstrably false pretenses.

Nessel is conducting an investigation of individuals like DePerno after a push for her to do so from Michigan state Senator Ed McBroom, a Republican who leads the state Senate’s oversight committee and recently led the creation of a report showing how there’s no legitimate evidence whatsoever for systematic election fraud in the state. McBroom’s committee spent months investigating, adding to the long list of governmental authorities who have found nothing to support Trump’s false election fraud claims.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Nessel commented as follows:

‘In speaking with Senator McBroom, who is the Republican Senator who chairs the oversight committee in the Michigan state Senate, he indicated to me that as much as they looked over the course of eight months and, of course, had many witnesses come in and testify, and looked at an exhaustive number of documents, they were unable to find any evidence at all of election fraud.’

Getting into more specifics, Nessel went on to add the following:

‘However, they did find other types of fraud, and when I say that I mean types of false pretenses, where they saw that there were people that were profiteering off of these lies. And that was very troubling to them, because Senator McBroom and the other Senators believed that it was wrong — you were essentially stealing from people. The same way that you would market a product, and if you were to sell a product and say, drink this potion and you lose weight. You look ten years younger. It prevents Covid. If you know that none of those things are true, well you’ve committed false pretenses. But how is that any different than these attorneys or other individuals who say, donate to me, give me money, and I will prove there was election fraud, when they know for certain that there is not. It’s not any different. And so those are the types of claims that we’re investigating.’

Check out Nessel’s remarks below: