Liz Cheney Calls Out GOP Traitors Over Insurrection Commission


She is the daughter of the man who virtually ran the White House during President George W. Bush’s years in office, former Vice President Dick Cheney (R), and an author of 12 hot books Lynne Cheney. So, it is in her genes to have the courage to stand up for what she believes is right even against the president of these United States. Fortunately, that is The Constitution of the United States. That takes serious courage, because she is one of only two Republicans to do so.

Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) first interview since becoming the only Republican Congress member appointed to the January 6 Select Panel was to investigate the events of the day. House Minority Leader and fatal House Speaker attraction Representative Kevin McConnell (R-CA) stripped her of her leadership role.

Cheney told CNN that the panel had “members who are committed to their oaths to the Constitution:”

‘It’s very important that we have members who are committed to upholding the rule of law and members who are committed to their oaths to the Constitution. ‘

And I would certainly hope that the minority leader [Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)] will be guided by that as he makes his choices.’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to appoint Cheney to the select committee she recently announced, which was tasked with investigating the failed coup. Speaker Pelosi added:

‘We’re very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee.’

Cheney continued saying that she “will reject partisanship” during her time on the panel:

‘I will absolutely stand for the truth and I will reject partisanship — wherever it comes in. And I think that’s been very clear from the beginning of this: my obligation is to the Constitution.’

Cheney said the remaining committee members have been very professional and welcoming. She added that anyone who has worries about a politicized committee should rest assured, their concerns were not necessary:

‘My presence makes it bipartisan, but what is even more important to me is the way that the committee is going to conduct itself. And I’m very dedicated to operating in a way that really does reflect the gravity of this attack.’

McCarthy will probably disregard the Wyoming representative’s comment, having basically shunned her since she stood up against the former president. And this was following her vote to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the mob to attack our Capitol Building on January 6. In other words, this was a failed coup.

So far, McCarthy has been coy about whether he will fill the five open slots Speaker Pelosi has given him. If he does, will he select rabble-rousers or serious politicians? Time is short for him to decide.

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