Matt Gaetz Gets Hilariously Pranked During California Debacle


Well, there he was wearing our country’s great flag in glaring beachwear. Excited from his gaudy shorts up to his ugly hat, the man apparently stumbled onto his two favorite politicians. He was thrilled. Put a camera and a fawning person around conspiracy theorist Representatives Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and alleged minor trafficker Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and it is just magic. And it just gets better.

It was hard to tell which affected the two representatives the most. The woman who leads with her face, Greene, pulled on her fixed double-thumbed smile for the camera. As the guy kept repeating himself, either she did not listen to his words. Or she did not understand what he was really saying:

‘Oh my god! Oh my god! They think you’re crazy. They think you’re crazy! But I don’t think you’re crazy.’

Her inaction reaction never moved. She just carried that big plastered-on smile all the way through even after he turned toward Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz seemed to appreciate the guy’s over-the-top excitement at being near to his two idols apparent. He did not even react when the stranger put his arm around the Florida politician’s shoulders. Even as the guy turned further away from Greene, she never changed her expression or body language.

Then, the stranger’s words started hitting Gaetz, who was, after all, an attorney. Unless his rich father bought him the degree, that took a certain amount of intelligence. Ask an attorney, and he or she will let you know how much intelligence. The fan said:

‘They say you’re a pedophile. They say…’

At this point, the Florida representative seemed to lose his sense of amusement:

‘They say you’re a pedophile! But I don’t think you’re a pedophile.’

A big guy in a suit a dozen steps away from them must have got the invitation wrong. He showed up in a suit for the beach party. But that was okay, because Greene read it wrong, too. She was wearing a black evening dress studded with fake diamonds.

By this time, Gaetz definitely was not enjoying himself. Greene never batted an eyelash. The smile never changed, her two thumbs were frozen.

The suited man appeared to be enjoying the act. Then, he noticed something going on behind the camera, probably the movement of another guy in a suit. The idea that something was wrong began to kick in, and he began moving toward the oddly excited guy in the loud costume.

All of a sudden, the two suits were acting like the bodyguards they were and a possible lifeguard who was very unhappy whisked the excited man away. Gaetz definitely was not happy at all about being tricked into posing for a photo with a prankster. He only lets the Donald do that to him.

Greene’s smile dropped a watt or two. Apparently, the odd Republican couple was on a California beach. The two spent the weekend campaigning for the big guy. posted the confrontation, okay, a prank on Twitter for the world (and us) to enjoy below:

‘Matt Gaetz will only take photos with supporters who acknowledge he is a pedophile.’

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