GOP Terrified After Pelosi Releases Witness List For Jan. 6 Inquiry


Although House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has yet to name members of Congress for the five seats that he’s slated to fill on the new House committee investigating the Capitol riot, Democrats are moving forward. On July 27, which is next Tuesday, that committee will be holding a hearing with testimony from four local police officers, including one — D.C. officer Michael Fanone — who’s been particularly outspoken about the trauma that he endured while attempting to defend the Capitol against rioting Trump supporters. Another D.C. officer, Daniel Hodges, will also appear, alongside Capitol Police officers Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell. Gonell serves as a sergeant.

Local officers were on the front lines as supporters of the then-president attacked the Capitol on January 6, in the middle of Congressional proceedings to formally certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Fanone, who is among scores of officers who were injured, was dragged by Trump supporters away from a group of officers, beaten, and repeatedly tased at the base of his skull. Other officers sustained injuries like a stab wound from a metal fence stake and crushed spinal discs, and again: this violence was inflicted by supporters of Donald Trump.

Attorney Mark Zaid — alongside fellow attorney David Laufman — is providing legal representation (free of charge) for the Capitol Police officers who are slated to soon testify to Congress. Zaid wrote on Twitter that he and Laufman “are providing pro bono representation to ensure these heroes are not silenced & insurrection is investigated.” House Democrats moved to form the committee that will be hosting testimony from these officers after Republicans blocked the creation of an independent, non-Congressional commission that would have investigated the riot and the circumstances surrounding it. Senate Republicans filibustered the proposal after nearly three dozen House Republicans voted in favor of it.