Rich Guy Space Travel Tax Proposed By Democrat After Bezos Launch


The newest member of the mile- or 62-mile-high club Jeff Bezos said that he knew that his trip into the ether on Tuesday would change him. We are hoping that it will change him into a human being. You know, the kind who pays his employees a livable income. The kind who changes his business model from one based upon the idea that all employees are lazy. The kind who does not consider his employees replaceable, toss their bodies on the heap, and go hire more of them. In other words, change him into a human being.

Senior House Ways and Means Committee leader Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) plans to introduce a bill building in an excise tax on commercial space flights with human passengers, not those solely focused on scientific research.

Blumenauer chose the same day to announce his proposal as this mega-billionaire took a trip to the stars in his own vehicle. Another member of his elite club Richard Branson beat him into space, but the same idea holds true for him.

After all, those jet fumes cannot be good for the environment, that “very thin layer” of atmosphere that Bezos mentioned after stopping the car so that all the big kids could get out for a bathroom break. The representative said that given Bezos skated on taxes, he should be taxed similarly to what people pay for airplane trips.

Blumenauer released a statement that read:

‘Space exploration isn’t a tax-free holiday for the wealthy. Just as normal Americans pay taxes when they buy airline tickets, billionaires who fly into space to produce nothing of scientific value should do the same, and then some.’

The representative continued:

‘I’m not opposed to this type of space innovation. However, things that are done purely for tourism or entertainment, and that don’t have a scientific purpose, should in turn support the public good.’

Blumenauer’s proposal will be a two-parter. Part one is a per-passenger tax based upon the cost of the journey. Part two is a two-tiered excise tax tied to each launch. For trips 50 to 80 miles in the sky, Bezos would get the deal. Then, on higher flights, higher taxes would apply. NASA flights for scientific research purposes would have an exception clause.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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