Latest Polling From Arizona Shows Kyrsten Sinema In Big Trouble


According to a new poll, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) is significantly less popular among Democrats in her home state than both President Joe Biden and her fellow Democratic Senator from Arizona, Mark Kelly. Recently, Sinema has made somewhat of a name for herself with her support for the Senate’s filibuster rules, asking at one point not too long ago if nixing the rules as they stand would even be worth it if Republicans soon re-take control of the Senate and undo whatever progress is accomplished. The filibuster rules, however, which require the agreement of 60 Senators in the 100-member Senate before moving forward (including to a final vote) on most bills, are impeding the Biden agenda.

The new poll, from Data for Progress and initially shared by Mother Jones, shows that Sinema is viewed favorably by just 38 percent of overall respondents. In contrast, Kelly garnered a favorable view from 47 percent of respondents, while Biden was viewed favorably by 51 percent. Last November, Biden won Arizona, delivering the first victory in the state for a Democratic presidential nominee since the 1990s. Meanwhile, among Democratic respondents in particular, the new survey reveals a significantly lower level of favorable views of Sinema than those of Kelly and Biden. Only 42 percent of Democratic respondents viewed Sinema favorably — for Kelly and Biden, the numbers are 75 percent and 95 percent, respectively.

Notably, the new survey reveals support among Democratic voters for policy moves that Sinema has opposed. As summarized by Mother Jones, “Democratic voters overwhelmingly support a $15 minimum wage according the survey,” and these same Democratic respondents “support getting rid of the legislative filibuster and overwhelmingly back the PRO Act, which would expand rights and protections for labor unions, but which Sinema has not signed onto.” In contrast to Sinema, Kelly has expressed opposition to the current status of filibuster rules in the Senate. During a conference call with a couple of other Senators and supporters listening in, Kelly — who has to go before voters once again in 2022, at which point he would win a full, six-year term if victorious — said that he “would like to see us change the rules.”

Sinema is not the only supporter of the filibuster among Senate Democrats — Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is as well, and others may harbor support for the rules while remaining less vocal about it. Sinema and Manchin have both faced call-outs for their filibuster stance from fellow Democratic leaders.